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Welcome to Noblie Catalog – the place for ordering, shopping, and enjoying the knife aesthetic. We offer a huge selection of fine knives, knife blades, paracord beads, swords, daggers, and dirks. The plentiful variety of models and styles of these handmade pieces of art provides a wide choice for every true adorer of edged weapons and exclusive souvenirs.

Discover the World of Custom Knives

Read our articles: Best Custom Knife Makers, Most Expensive Knives, and Best Hunting Knives. Feature articles on specific makers, knifemaking techniques, different blade styles and their uses, or the history of custom knifemaking.
These unique knives have been made by the best knife makers in the world, and many of them have introduced some innovations in the knifemaking process. Here we will focus on some knives made by the world’s best custom knife makers. 
Have you already seen our most expensive knives? Maybe, you’ve wondered why they cost so much? Just a second, I’ve got a surprise for you! Here is the TOP-10 of the most expensive knives you can buy from US-based knife dealers. Each of these is undoubtedly worthy of adorning a most exclusive collection of custom knives.
The most collectable knives are made by a craftsman or a well-known brand thanks to their special qualities. Folding knives and fixed-blade knives which are mass-produced and made-to-order both deserve a place in a collection.
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Meet the Knifemaker
Unveil the stories and inspiration that forge exceptional knives. Explore profiles featuring talented custom knifemakers. Discover their unique artistic vision, the precise techniques they employ, and the passion that fuels their craft. Go beyond the blade and connect with the human artistry that brings each one-of-a-kind piece to life.
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Custom knives cater to individual specifications and preferences, offering a personalized solution unavailable with standard knives. Crafted on-demand by skilled artisans, these knives stand out for their meticulous design and precision. Our online knife store specializes in an extensive selection of custom knives, featuring superior-grade steel and exclusive materials. The intricate process of creating each custom knife justifies its premium price, distinguishing it from mass-produced alternatives. The commitment to quality and detail ensures a bespoke product that meets the highest standards of craftsmanship and functionality.

At Noblie, we specialize in crafting custom knives that blend premium materials and detailed craftsmanship to suit the diverse needs of our discerning clientele. Our knives, each with a unique design, are customizable to precise specifications and presented in luxurious wooden boxes, making them ideal collectibles or gifts. Since our establishment in 2015, glowing reviews have lauded our product quality and customer service, cementing our reputation as the premier choice for custom knives. Discover the Noblie difference and elevate your collection with our unparalleled craftsmanship.

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