Knife collection "Silver age"

March 14, 2017
Dear visitors, we are pleased to announce that at our online exhibition NOBLIE COLLECTIBLES on March 15 will be added another impressive series of exquisite and artistically crafted hunting knives. The collection, called SILVER AGE, represents products that impress with their unique design, manufacturing and implementation of valuable materials. Each piece of the series has a specific blade, forged of carbon Damascus steel, originally shaped and decorated, and specially sharpened. Distinctive element of every one knife from the series is the form and production manner of the handle. The guard and the pommel are casted by Italian bronze and further covered with silver, hence the name of the collection SILVER AGE. In the decoration of some products is added and gold coating. Designed   in animalistic or military style, the pommel shape determines the name of each knife. The ebony handle completes the exquisite style of the artwork. Silver Age collection reveals the consecutive efforts and mastery of a team of designers, sculptors, blacksmiths, moulders and woodcarvers to turn the making of a knife in artistry. The official presentation of the series is on 15 March 2017.