Noblie in Plovdiv

April 25, 2017
The new exclusive series of handmade custom knives from NOBLIE Collectibles was represented for the second time in Bulgaria, during the “NATURE, HUNTING AND FISHING” exhibition in Plovdiv International fair from 29th of March to 2of April.  The introduction of the  exposition was a part of the opening ceremony of the event and was honored with the presence of Minister of Agriculture and food of Bulgaria professor Hristo Bozukov and the owner of the International Plovdiv fair Mr.Georgi Gergov.
Unique specimens of the modern knife making were exposed in the attention of connoisseurs and collectors form Bulgaria and abroad. Dedicated to the main theme of hunting and divided in the series ARISTOCRAT, ART OF ENGRAVING and SILVER AGE, the pieces exposed revealed the great mastery of various knife makers.
More interesting of the event you may see in pictures in our gallery.