Knife collection "Art of engraving" by NOBLIE

May 24, 2017
We are presenting for your appreciation a unique collection of engraved knives crafted by talented hands.
Noblie Masters use traditional techniques such  as metalworking, hand engraving, scrimshaw or carving of the mammoth tusk, grinding, polishing, satin finish blade to come up with the most exquisite masterpieces. The blade is forged of steel Bohler N695, and the handle is made of the mammoth ivory and titanium.
Knives from the "Art of Engraving" Collection are lavishly decorated with scrimshaw and mammoth tusk which made them outstanding items at many international exhibition.
Each knife from this collection is embossed with picturesque hunting scenes and untamed of wildernesses.
The manufacturing of such exquisite knives takes up to 3 months to complete.