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Handmade knife collection “Aristocrat”

May 29, 2017
NOBLIE presents a limited series of gift custom knives. Creation of a unique author's knife by Noblie begins with the work of the artist. The artist discusses the design of the future knife with a knife maker, a blacksmith, a chasing maker, a jeweler and an engraver. About 7 specialists of knife makers and masters for decorating weapons are involved in the development and manufacture of custom knives NOBLIE. Masters of NOBLIE used the following technologies to create knives of this collection: metalworking, hand forging of blades, wood carving, engraving, etching, gilding, blacking, pointillism, inlaying, realistic imaging of wildlife and trophy hunting. The Aristocrat Knife from NOBLIE will be a luxury gift for both a man of means and a connoisseur of the knife making art. To appreciate our knives go to ''The Aristocrat'' Collection.   Gallery Foto Gallery Foto Gallery Foto Gallery Foto Gallery Foto