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Luxury gift for men - handmade collection knife

July 18, 2017
The basis for creating a knife was the falconry. The strong, even powerful constitution of this bird, huge claws, strong beak and wings, the range of which can reach more than two meters, present a real danger for many large birds and animals, not excluding the fox. Gallery Foto The blade symbolizes the strength and might of the golden eagle, and the Damascus steel, from which it is made, gives it daintiness. Handle all-metal decorated with an overlay of valuable wood. Gallery Foto But the real zest of the knife is the scabbard. Gallery Foto The culmination of the composition of falconry, depicted on scabbard, is an instant and imminent mastery of prey. Plot is executed just wonderful: soft dense gilding impressively models the shapes of the animal and the bird, as well as impetuous and at the same time rhythmic movements. In the creation of the knife used gold, nickel, blackening. Blade is forged from Damascus steel. Gallery Foto This exclusive knife will be an excellent gift to a man or take a worthy place in a custom knife collection. You can buy online handmade custom knives in the online knife shop: A wide selection of exquisite collection knives you can see in our online art knife gallery here: Also you can get acquainted with the process of creating handmade collector`s knives on the website NOBLIE in the section "Custom knife making": Gallery Foto