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Handmade collection dagger “Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen”

August 22, 2017

Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schonhausen is the first Chancellor of the German Empire or simply  "The Iron Chancellor". Iron force, embodied in his reign, permeates the whole storyline of the dagger. The pommel is the Prussian Pickelhelm (acuminate leather helmet). The handle is made of precious woods that embody wisdom. The guard is decorated with zircon. The scabbard is wooden with a metal insert in the form of riveted iron, on top of which there is an "Iron Cross". Cartouche is decorated with laurel leaves. The tip is also made of metal. This handmade collection dagger is dedicated to the memory of the personality of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck. You can buy online handmade dagger in the online knife shop: Best collectible knives and daggers here: If you are a collector of art sabers or art swords we invite you to visit section of our website: Also you can get acquainted with the process of creating handmade collector's knives on the site NOBLIE in the section "Custom knife making": Gallery Foto Gallery Foto Gallery Foto Gallery Foto Gallery Foto