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Engraved knives 2017

December 1, 2017
Knife “Male deer” The scene of the duel of red deer, exclusively fine and precisely engraved on the blade of Bohler N695 steel. Detailed forest landscape and floral ornaments engraving for additional decoration. An art knife that reveals the natural strive to dominate and become a leader, where the stronger and more skillful wins. Knife “Lone wolf” For all those fighting alone. The wolf strength implemented in powerful hunting blade. Ebony handle with one finger groove and two titanium rivets. Titanium guard with hand engraved leaf decorative motifs. Luxury black leather sheath. Handmade luxury wooden box. Engraved knives 2017 Engraved knives 2017 Engraved knives 2017 Engraved knives 2017 Engraved knives 2017
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We are presenting for your appreciation a unique collection of engraved knives crafted by talented hands. Noblie Masters use traditional techniques such as metalworking, hand engraving, scrimshaw or carving of the mammoth tusk, grinding, polishing, satin finish blade to come up with the most exquisite masterpieces. The blade is forged of steel Bohler N695, and the handle is made of the mammoth ivory and titanium.
A weapon is a symbol of authority, valor, courage, nobility, wealth and good taste. The product of high art, combining the noble blade, precious metals and gemstones. The object of passionate collecting and veneration.
The presence of cover or sheath: Sheaths Blade material: RWL-34 steel Handle material: bone of a mammoth.
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