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Collectible gifts for men

December 2, 2017
Knife statuette “Day watch” Some one to trust on, some one who watch for you and protect you. Decorative figure with hidden knife. Japanese steel blade and handle is shaped as the upper body of guardian. The scabbard, casted from Italian bronze and then gold coated, represents the lower body and the weaponry. Green Italian marble pedestal. Ashtray “Relax of a King” An artistic product with a joking hint of the lion’s right of pleasant idleness. Designed as gift for a special occasion. Primary is shaped in wax specimen, the ashtray represents bronze cast bathtub sculpture, lion head and silver coated water layer. The composition is mounted on four bronze and gilded lion’s paws. Collectible gifts for men Collectible gifts for men Collectible gifts for men Collectible gifts for men Collectible gifts for men
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Composition produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration. The knife is placed on a wooden pedestal with decorative elements from the mammoth tusk.
NOBLIE presents a new impressive collection of hunting knives “Silver Age”. Each knife of this collection is designed in an original style and is an excellent gift to a hunter, a lover of edged weapons or a knife collector.
In modern art one of the most important areas and, perhaps, the most rapidly developing art is the creating art weapons.
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