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The 21st C.I.C. knife show on 2-3th December 2017

December 14, 2017
The Milan event was successful. Milan has a reputation for being a dynamic city, the Italian business and fashion capital, friendly and welcoming.
The C.I.C. show usually takes place over the last weekend in November, when the city is already in expectation pre-Christmas shopping. In addition the great advantage of Milan is easy accessibility because it’s served by direct flights from Europe and others continent.
Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai show passed in the one of the city’s most prestigious exhibition spaces in terms of atmosphere and architecture. It was The Marriott Hotel, which more than once hosted this show.
The C.I.C.’s Board of Directors decided to limit participation in the show, exclusively to makers of handcrafted knives. It made the show almost unique in the world and aroused interest on the part of collectors, who came from all over the world.
In recent years the show had the opportunity to present to the attention of visitors the blades crafted by the founding fathers of artistic knife making (Randall, Schmidt, Moran). These exhibitions of collectors’ knives are provided by private Italian and foreign collectors.
Within the 21st C.I.C. knife show NOBLIE company presented its project ART KNIFE GALLERY. Visitors of the exhibition were shown about 20 new custom and collection knives from the series:
- Aristocrat
- Art Knives
- Silver Age
- Art of Engraving.
The greatest interest of the visitors of the knife exhibition was caused by NOBLIE engraved knives and knives decorated with screamshaw. Our exposition was visited by masters, connoisseurs and collectors of knives from Italy, France, USA, England, Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries.
In The 21st C.I.C. knife show took part: Balistreri Vincenzo, Ballestra Santino, Barban Daniele, Bennica Charles, Bobkov Sergey, Bojtos Arpad, Bonassi Franco, Brignone Paolo, Bruna Bruno, Burkovski Vladimir, Cheburkov, Consoli Sergio, Depeyre Eric, Ebner Johannes, Esposito Emmanuel, Farina Antonio, Feltresi Moreno, Fogarizzu Antonio, Fogarizzu Piero, Frizzi Leonardo, Garau Marcello, Gevgalov Alexander, Gidoni Paolo, Goshovskyy Vasyl, Grangette Alain, Gulli Pierluigi, Hara Koji, Headrick Gary, Ibba Daniele, Jukka Hankala, Kirillov Vladimir, Lecocq Alexis, Loerchner Wolfgang, Loerchner Elizabeth, Majan Lucas, Martin JP, Matsuno Kansej, Matveet Vlad, Merli Walter, Morlacchetti Socrate, Morotti Attilio, Musso Alexandre, Noblie, Ottonello Roberto, Ouye Keith, Pala Giuseppe, Pavol Turna, Peddiu Mario, Petricca Paolo, Petronzio Piero, Piras Piero Luigi, Pizzi Luca, Polyakov Andrey, Poratelli Flavio, Raimondi Simone, Ramondetti Sergio, Riboni Claudio, Rietveld Bertie, Salice Sanna Massimo, Schanz Juergen, Scotti Angelo, Silvestrelli Fabrizio, Simonella Gianluigi, Tonelli Cesare, Tschager Reinhard, Tumpek Ferenc, Walker Michael, West Michael.
Also on the custom knife show in Milan participated: MERCORNE and NEW K STEEL which submitted materials, equipment and steels for knife making, FRANCESCO PACHI is a wonderful professional photographer specializing in shooting custom knives. TITANGRINDER Company presented grinding machines for knife making. CULPEPPER & COMPANY presented a wide range of exotic materials used in the production of knife handle such as exotic wood, stabilized wood, mammoth tusks, fossil mammoths, sambar stag, american elk, buffalo horn, smooth and jigged bone, ram’s horn, sheep horn and much more. Russian company ZLADINOX presented new samples of Stainless steel Damascus.
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