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Engraved knife "Timber wolf"

December 17, 2017
This engraved knife sold and at now is in a private collection. Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: Forging, hand engraving, polishing and fretwork. Blade of Bohler № 695 steel. Hand engraved head of a timber wolf on the both sides. Leaf ornaments detailed engraving   on the both sides. Ebony handle with one finger groove and two titanium rivets. Titanium guard with hand engraved leaf decorative motifs. Luxury black leather sheath. Engraved knives, which are available for purchase, you can see here:  Engraved knife Engraved knife Engraved knife Engraved knife Engraved knife
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Dear visitors, we are pleased to announce that at our online exhibition NOBLIE COLLECTIBLES on March 15 will be added another impressive series of exquisite and artistically crafted hunting knives. The collection, called SILVER AGE, represents products that impress with their unique design, manufacturing and implementation of valuable materials.
The whole process of making knives of this series is handmade. Knives of this series are made using Bohler steel, brass, titanium and buffalo horn.
Folding knife is one of the best inventions of man. In a folded position it turns from a dangerous object into a reliable assistant, that can always be carried it around. Collectible folding knives especially stand out among a wide variety of folding knives.
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