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Collectible knife "The lion's throne"

December 22, 2017
This handmade knife now is in private knife collection. Artistically crafted collectible knife from the series “Animal world”. Length Overall: 310 mm                                               Blade: 150  mm Blade thickness: 5 mm Blade width: 38 mm Coating thickness: nickel 26 µm gold 4,5 µm silver 12,5 µm Blade Rockwell hardness 56 HRC Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: etching, polishing, engraving, nickel plating, gold plating, blackening, fretwork. Blade of stainless Damascus steel with gilded engravings on one side. Handle of carved high-mountainous birch burl, with one finger groove. Gilded and decorated brass guard, pommel and ball ending. Ornamental adornment. The scabbard is all-metal forged, made of brass and then gilded. Decorative locket and suspension ring. Brass casted and then gilded lion head embedded. Additional African  motifs engravings. Leather resembling pattern engraved on the opposite side. Handmade wooden luxury box. Two pairs of demonstrative gloves in the set. Manufacturing process: 46 days. Collectible knives, which are available for purchase, you can see here:  Collectible knife Collectible knife Collectible knife Collectible knife
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