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Knife ”The Siege of Syracuse”

December 22, 2017
A piece from the collection “The battles that turned the history”. This collectible knife now is in private knife collection. Length Overall: 250 mm Blade: 125 mm Blade thickness: 4 mm Blade width: 40 mm Coating thickness: nickel 26 µm gold 4,5 µm silver 12,5 µm Blade Rockwell hardness 56 HRC Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration techniques: etching, polishing, engraving, nickel plating, gold plating, silver plating, silver blackening, fretwork. Blade of stainless steel 440C. Illustrated with a scene of the battle of Syracuse in 413 BC, during the Peloponesian war, where the Athinian forces were defeated by the most powerful Sicilian police Syracuse, helped by the Spartanians. As result Athens lost its power in the Ancient world. Additional decoration with engraved ornaments on both sides of the blade. The Handle is made of birch burl, with one finger groove. Brass made and then gilded guard and pommel with decorative ball ending. Ornamental engravings. Luxury handmade wooden box. Manufacturing process: 39 day. You can buy collectible knives here:  Knife ”The Siege of Syracuse” Knife ”The Siege of Syracuse” Knife ”The Siege of Syracuse” Knife ”The Siege of Syracuse”  
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