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Collectible knife set "MOTOR HEARTED"

February 14, 2018
SPECIFICATION: Set of five different shaped artistic knives. Overall length: 200 mm Blade length: 95 mm Blade thickness: 4 mm Blade width: 25 mm Blade Rockwell hardness 56 HRC MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: forging, mammoth ivory carving, polishing, scrimshaw. Blade of Bohler N695 stainless steel. Handle is made of mammoth ivory. Very fine-drawn scrimshaw of various cars and motorcycles on the both sides of each knife. Luxury handmade wooden box. Two pairs of demonstrative gloves in the set. Manufacturing process: 95 days. Collectible knife set Collectible knife set Collectible knife set Collectible knife set Collectible knife set  Collectible knife set Collectible knife set
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The process of edged weapon making is a kind of magical rite and it starts with breathing life to its “heart” – the blade. In the beginning it is just a piece of iron or iron ingots that should be forged in elegant form. The foundry is the place where the mass of iron is poured out of a furnace as a liquid, the internal structure of the iron is like small spheres of iron piled together like a bunch of somewhat sticky marbles.
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