ShifCustom is the custom workshop of motorcycles

February 14, 2018
Customizing, this particular word is used in the professional sphere. It means building something according to individual or personal specifications or preference; "custom" is the key word for the customizing notion. ShifCustom Workshop was established in 2002 in Minsk. Each project created in the Workshop is unique. Thanks to the efforts of the professionals team, the dreams of many bikers come true. The bikes, made in the workshop, could be regularly seen on the pages of European and American specialized publications. Moreover, the bikes always successfully participate in world championships, held in the USA, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. In 2010 "TheMachine" bike, which fully comes up to its name, won the World Championship on motorcycle customization, held in Sturgis, South Dakota (USA). This bike is unparalleled all over the world. "Our philosophy is to create the brightest positive emotions that people can experience looking at our bikes". Yuri Shif Custom motorcycles by Yuri Shif are works of modern technical art. They inspired knifemakers Noblie to create a collection of knives "MOTOR HEARTED" which is dedicated to motorcycles and their fans. More information about the knives "MOTOR HEARTED" you can read in the next publication on the site NOBLIE.