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An engraving knife is a perfect gift for real men

June 19, 2018
A habitual knife, saved in a scabbard, repeatedly and not twice rescued its owner in a duel with the enemy, and in a hunting encounter, and in the struggle for survival. The traditions of many peoples of the world include the spiritualization of knives, daggers and swords. Receiving the name, the knife acquires the features of individuality, becomes the satellite of the one single person, and extremely reluctantly changes the owner. For example, in the East and the Caucasus, a beautifully decorated dagger as a gift is considered a symbol of great respect and honor. Knives were often presented to the rulers of states and to aristocrats. You can buy handmade engraved knives by NOBLIE. -hunting knives -collectible knives -handmade knives Visit our online knife store:
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