Best collectible knives

June 26, 2018
Such hobby like collecting knives has always existed and today thanks to the opportunities to purchase quality knives of world famous brands it is becoming more widespread. In the collections of knife lovers, as such collectors call themselves, you can find custom knives, hunting knives from Damascus steel and other fine examples of weapons art.   good knife can’t be cheap, so the cost of individual items sometimes amazes the imagination of an unsophisticated person. An important part of many collections are artistic knives, which unlike the same hunting knives are the pride of any collection.   The world of edged weapons initially attracted men, since such a collection is not only objects of decorative art but also quite functional things that can be used. In any case, all such collectors are distinguished by deep knowledge of the subject, as well as their willingness to pay a substantial amount for a favorite exemplar especially if it is the author's work of a famous master.
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