Knives for collector

June 29, 2018
For modern men, the knife has become a symbol of survival and the ability to provide everything needed for survival with just one simple and deadly instrument. A good knife is indeed better than all other material objects. It can provide protection and the ability to hunt and cook food, and can also help in building a refuge or creating small objects necessary for survival. Several generations before us, men never left the house without a good knife. It was customary to take a knife with you wherever you went, because you never knew what situation you could get into. Those who are familiar with knives know that no one knife combines all the properties. Each knife has its own advantages, and anyone who needs to use a knife will have to decide for themselves what qualities the desired knife should have. Not only additional characteristics are important, the way of making a knife and the material from which it was made is also important. Collectible blades, handmade hunting knives, custom knives - shop online (prices in USD): Online cutlery store (prices in EUR) and knife collection here: