Best scrimshaw knives

July 4, 2018
Today we want to pay attention to knives with handles decorated with pictures in the technique of the scrimshaw. The technique of scrimshaw is not so widespread. It is very difficult to engrave a drawing on the surface of a bone, the master works almost in blind. Because the drawing in the technique of the scrimshaw manifests itself only after the tinting. Like any author's work, drawings in the technique of scrimshaw and pyrography are unique and unrepeatable. Knives decorated with drawings are very original. Colored or in black and white with different subjects - everyone will find something suitable for himself and his friend. And already today, knives decorated in the technique of scrimshaw you can buy in our online knife store You can buy online collectible knives with scrimshaw here (prices in USD): Hand engraved knives for sale, handmade hunting knives, custom knives with scrimshaw. Visit NOBLIE knife store (prices in EUR):