Knife collection in Romania

February 10, 2020
Readers of Forbes Romania and Forbes Life magazines will receive a catalog of collectible knives in March 2020. NOBLIE Collectibles is honored to announce its premiere in Romania. We would like to introduce our splendid collection of edged weapons and luxury gifts to all connoisseurs and art lovers. "Noblie Collectibles" is a catalog that represents the world of men's will in a series of works from contemporary masters of knife making and decoration. The vision of domination, strength and wisdom is elegantly shaped in hunting and folding knives, solid daggers, traditional weapons of dignity and honor such as dirks, swords and sabers, exclusive chess sets from wood and porcelain. Their warlike look and symbolic meaning is what makes them objects of special power. They could be a magic spell for wealth and prosperity and solemnly given as a worthy present for an anniversary, birthday, friend or business partner. We invite you to visit our online gallery where all the items of our collection are on display and to discover their beauty and elegance. Choose an impressive and valuable gift for a special occasion or significant person from our list of : — engraved and hunting knives; — gilded custom knives; — impressive Damascus blade weapons; — collectable dirks and daggers; — unique swords and sabers; — VIP gifts. You may order a product of your choosing on the site. We and our reliable international carriers guarantee fast and safe delivery. Delivery time to Romania is 2-3 working days. ART KNIFE GALLERY Hotel Marinela bul. Dzheyms Baucher 100 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria [email protected] +359 879 699 350