5 reasons to buy custom knife

February 25, 2022

Everyone who chooses their first knife and is generally far from keen on knives, first of all looks at the price. At the sight of a high price tag, a person’s eyes light up and the question “For what?” hangs in the air.

To answer this question, sellers and managers usually describe all the advantages of a particular knife. But for an unprepared listener, it sounds like a speech about unknown things.

This article has 5 reasonable reasons why you should still spend more than $50 on a custom knife.


As with any product – you get what you pay for. Buying a cheap knife, you doom yourself to not the best quality product in many cases. A knife that costs a lot of money will obviously last you a long time.

Of course, it is better to be with a knife than without it, however, when it comes to its use, for example, when hiking or hunting, I would like to have a high–quality hunting knife that will not break and will do its job.

And, of course, the quality of the materials themselves, as a rule, is an order of magnitude higher for a more expensive knife. With such a tool, you can be sure that the handle will not break off, and the blade will not break and bend.


Once you buy a good knife at a good price, you save in the future. The fact is that it is better to buy a quality product once, which will please you for a long time, than to buy a new one after each use or spend money on restoring its factory qualities.

Limited Edition

Knives produced in a limited series or even in a single copy are of great value in themselves, especially for collectors. But, you must agree – it’s always nice to be the owner of something that others don’t have, even without being a collector.

Unique design

Some people like the specific shape of the blades and handles, others like the specific design and style. Such knives are a little more expensive, but it is absolutely justified. As a rule, such knives are produced in a limited edition, which adds value to them.

custom knife scrimshaw


Many of us have hobbies for which we spare neither time nor money. For someone it is collecting postage stamps or coins, for someone it is painting and art, for someone it is sports. But there are also connoisseurs of such an object as a knife in the world. And if you manage your money wisely, then you can safely spend it on what you are interested in, even if for other people it does not seem to be the most reasonable investment

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