A great knife to gift

November 13, 2018

How to choose a quality custom knife for gift?

Handmade art knives are usually created in a single copy or produced in limited editions. An exclusive gift will be especially valuable if you select product with an unusual handle or with an original blade.

Comfortable and beautiful handles

Art knife has an aesthetic and practical function. Handmade hunting knives can be used for its intended purpose, and not just put on the shelf as a souvenir. Knifemakers, who work with custom knives, try to make the shape of the handle comfortable, so that the knife can work efficiently. Materials for the knife handle and steel blade are selected in accordance with the stylistic idea of the maker. For example, titanium is combined with blackwood, and steel with ebony. For the handle often use strong and beautiful wood: black hornbeam; Karelian birch; ebony; African blackwood. For great hardness and a pleasant texture, the authors love the processed root walnut. The wooden parts of the handle are combined with metal inserts or base. Metal is selected by color and performance. Professional knives, intended as a gift, contain inserts, made of titanium, in the handle. Handles are decorated with inserts of mammoth tusk. Popular is the author’s wood carving or bones.
The sheath for the blade is made of quality leather, decorated with carvings or embossed. Keep the custom knife should be only in the sheath. Strong and durable sheath have a double stitch on the edge. Premium knives are often decorated with hand engraving on the handle.

Steel for the blade

A good knife as a gift can be buy relatively inexpensive. The price depends on the subtlety of the author’s work and on the materials that included in the product. For the blade usually take stainless steel. Damascus steel is a good choice in terms of price, beauty and functionality. Subtle patterns characteristic of the surface of Damascus steel, themselves already adorn the slopes of the blade. In addition, many knifemakers use cast or engraved jewelry, most often they are applied to the heel. Even tourist knives, not to mention the gift ones, serve with such a blade for a long time and without fail. The souvenir knife rarely comes in contact with water, raw meat or fish, it is almost never used for cutting hard materials, bones or wood. However, quality steel is a necessary attribute of a valuable gift. Even if the knife will not be used, the owner will be pleased to know that he was presented not just a toy, but real edged weapons from high-quality and expensive materials.

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