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August 5, 2023
balisong knives

Hello dear friends, it’s always a delight for us at Noblie Collectibles to bring you the best blog post and updates about knives on your number one knife blog. Today we’ll be considering a special class of knife –Butterfly Knives. You might just need to get a cup of your favorite coffee or tea as we get on this interesting discuss. 

What is a butterfly knife

We’ll begin today’s blog post by answering this question.

A BUTTERFLY Knife is also known as FAN, BATANGA or BALISONG Knife. It’s an original knife piece that gets knife lovers really fascinated. This knife is said to have originated from the Philippines and it’s also a folding pocketknife. Its features are quite distinct. This special knife piece comes in handy for light everyday cutting needs, self-defense and martial arts.

The handle of the butterfly knife can be opened or closed to reveal or conceal its blade.  The closure of the handle on the blade is reminiscent of the wings of a butterfly body. This is the feature from which the Balisong Knife draws its name as Butterfly Knife.

Brief history

There is lack of clarity as to the actual origin of these knives; however, oral history has it that these masterpiece art knives were first created in the Philippines in 800 AD. Another historic claim is that the Balisong were originally an adaptation of a French measuring tool “pied du roi” translated as “Kings Foot”

The Butterfly Knife, otherwise known as Fan Knife, Batanga or Balisong Knife was a tool commonly used by the Filipinos, mainly those located in the Tagalog region. It served as a self-defence utility knife. They were also used in place of razor blades, before conventional razors became available in Philippines.

Regardless of the claims of the origin, it is noteworthy that the modern Balisong was perfected in Philippines. The Balisong is mainly used as a weapon, not just as a utility tool. Another point that further substantiate the origin to be from Philippines is that the “Flipping” opening technique was developed in Philippines, which is a sharp contrast to the French “pied du roi” which was basically a folding ruler.

Very similar designs of the Balisong was produced in England in the later part of the 19th century. As compared to the later, these were primarily utility tools.

butterfly knives

Features of a butterfly knife

The butterfly knife is a versatile artistic knife piece; its folding mechanism is also unique. It features two handles which counter rotates. 

The blades are concealed in the handle of the knife when closed due to the grooves in the handle. The handle of this unique knife can be made of steel, brass or wood. 

A discuss on the parts/features of the Butterfly knife is very important as it makes for safe usage and maintenance purposes.

The Butterfly knife features:

  • Unique Handles: The Butterfly knife has two unique handles, namely: the safe handle and the bite handle. These handles conceal the knife. They are also movable and foldable.
  • The Safe lock:  Its handle is very safe and durable. The lock makes for the safe folding and intact locking of the blade. When the knife is released, the handles lock firmly, making it safe and easy to use.
  • Trickster Knife: This piece of knife comes in really handy for tricksters, as it helps them perform numerous tricks to the amusement of their observers. The interchangeable flipping of the knife using its two handles helps tricksters perform their tricky arts.
  • Concealed Blade: The concealing design of this knife gets people confused of what it actually is when folded, some think it’s a little piece of wood or metal.
  • The Construction: The construction of the Butterfly knife is another unique feature of this knife. It comes in two forms: 
  • Channel Construction: The channel construction begins with the making of the handle, followed by a groove; the blade is lodged in this grove.
  • Sandwich Construction: In the sandwich construction, the various parts are put together in layers, and screwed together. The blade lodges between these layers when the knife is closed.


Types of butterfly knives

Butterfly knives are built with certain core features, but largely separated into two groups: Trainer Blades and Live Blades.

Balisong butterfly knife trainers are blunt blades of steel; it has the same weight and feels like a live blade but for training.

Live Blades on the contrast are the actual blades with very sharp-edge.

butterfly knife trainers

Mechanism of opening

Opening of the knife depends on the experience of the handler. It can be opened by one or two hands. An experienced handler would usually prefer to display mastery by opening the knife with one hand manipulation known as flipping.

Flipping is also performed as an art to create amusement. For this purpose a blunt version of the knife is available for training purposes, this is to avoid injuries while practicing the tricks.

These knives are really fun to open.

The two pivot points of the knife allows the handler to flip open the knife.

Pros and cons of the butterfly / Balisong knife

The Butterfly knife is historically a weapon, combat / self-defense knife. We shall be considering some advantages and disadvantage of this knife as such.

Pros of the Butterfly Knife

This unique knife piece has a number of advantages, which can help you decide whether or not it’s a viable tool for you, especially with regards to it been a self-defense tool.

  • Very Easy to Conceal: Its size gives it the advantage of being concealed very easily, as it can be stuffed into the pocket, boot and stockings, and no one gets to know.
  • Blade Deployment: The tricks and skills of deploying the blade, especially when done with one hand by an experienced user can really be intimidating and at same time flashy and fashionable. This causes hesitation and scares ones opponent.
  • A Blunt Impact Tool: The tips of the handle and exposed back of the blade can be used to strike an opponent’s vital body parts. This causes excruciating pains to the body parts stroked, e.g.: the temple, neck, throat, hands and other vulnerable parts of the body.
  • Easy Maintenance: The blade has just a few moving parts and has no springs attached, so this makes maintaining the blade really easy.
  • With appropriate practice, blade deployment becomes very easy and gives the user an advantage of prompt self-defense.
  • It has a simple and dependable latch lock mechanism.


Cons of the Butterfly Knife

Having considered some advantages of the Butterfly knife, we shall also look at some disadvantages to create a fair balance.

  • Proficiency of use: This blade can be harmful if the user is not skilled to use it. The users may lose or drop the blade during combat and can seriously get injured whilst using the blade in an unskilled manner.
  • Whilst it has the advantage of quickly pulling it out of one’s pocket, boot or stockings, it’s not instantly ready to use as compared with a fixed blade knife. If the user isn’t fast enough, an opponent using a fixed blade knife can be at advantage of launching a successful attack.
  • Good time of practice is required to get skilled and make the most of the Butterfly knife without cutting oneself and fumbling during a combat.
  • The Butterfly / Balisong is not a beginner’s knife. A beginner with a butterfly knife will be easily outclassed by an experienced user of other simpler knives or weapons, such as a baton, stick or a fixed blade knife.
  • The Pop culture already makes the Butterfly a tool to be feared, since it’s associated with a certain negative vibe/feelings for anyone who uses it.
  • The Butterfly knife is illegal in certain countries, and many states in the U.S.A. in certain states, one could face jail term for simply being in possession of the Butterfly knife.

We shall be looking at the legality of the Butterfly knife right away.

FAN knives

Legality of the butterfly knife

And now to the very core part of today’s discuss –The Legality of Butterfly Knife.

Being in the know of laws related to the possession and use of tools such as the Butterfly knife, Switchblades, and similar pocket knives is necessary and helpful as it prevents the handler from getting into legal issues. It is basically know and generally stated that “ignorance of the law is not an excuse”. This knowledge also helps you make informed choices and the most of your soon to be acquired artistic and fashionable Butterfly knife.

The Butterfly Knife is an illegal knife today or restricted in certain countries, the reason for these restrictions are quite similar to that of switchblades or other concealed weapons. These masterpieces are no longer very common in the urban areas of Philippines.

We shall consider the issue of legality of the Butterfly Knife in a few countries.

Canada In Canada Butterfly Knife is not specified as illegal, but it’s seen by law to fall under the centrifugal or gravity knives which are classified as illegal.

Denmark The knife law in Denmark classify Butterfly knives as illegal.

LithuaniaButterfly knives are considered legal in Lithuania, since they are not considered as weapons unlike switchblades.

Netherlands  and  Belgium Butterfly knives are illegal.

FinlandButterfly knives are considered to be regular knives. It can be sold, purchased and carried in public, but the handler has to be able to prove its use as a tool, not a weapon.

Italy:  If the butterfly knife is not sharpened on both sides, it’s legal, but illegal to possess without a justifiable reason.

France:  Knife laws in France permit the possession of Butterfly knife if the handler is above 18year, but official authorization is required.

Hungary  and  Czech Republic These countries consider the Butterfly knives as normal everyday knives, but it’s illegal to possess one in public that’s beyond 8cm in length.

Ireland:  Butterfly knives are considered as offensive weapons and therefore illegal to possess.

The United States:  different states have different regulations with respect to the Butterfly knife. We’ll consider a couple of these states and their regulations.


In the state of California, the Butterfly knife is categorized as a Switchblade, hence it’s illegal, since knives measuring above 2 inches, which can be deployed by flicking of the wrist and force of gravity are all illegal.  California Penal Code 17235   

New York City

The laws in New York consider  Butterfly knife with a blade size equal to or exceeding four inches as illegal,  the manufacturing, sale and possession are illegal and offenders are punished accordingly.  New York Penal Law Section 265.00(5)  


The state of Arizona seem to be very lenient in contrast to California and New York. One can own and utilize Butterfly knives of any length in Arizona,  without legal restrictions.


Provides similar liberty for ownership and possession of Butterfly knife, just like Arizona. So Butterfly knives are  legal in Kansas 


Significant ease has been recorded in Texas in recent years. Knives with blade as long as 5.5 inches are permissible, with inclusion of the  butterfly knives.  


The state of Florida seem to be slightly different as compared to other states. While its legal to own a  Butterfly knife in Florida,  there are legal consequences for using them publicly, except when deployed for the purposes of fishing, hunting or other agricultural related purposes.

We have also established earlier that the international laws of the Butterfly knives varies from country to country, so its important to be aware of these laws as its applicable to you before possession and usage of the Butterfly knife in different locations in a country and around the globe.

While the Butterfly knife is permissible and legal to possess in certain countries, penalty for possessing a Butterfly knife in countries they are prohibited ranges from a fine to jail term or in some cases both.  The importance of the knowledge of your local laws cant be overemphasized.

Choosing the best butterfly knife

Its common knowledge within the circle of knife lovers and enthusiasts, that Butterfly knives are gaining increasing popularity in today’s market.

The next thing relevant of course is making a choice of which butterfly knife to purchase, we shall consider and review a few butterfly knives at this point. 

The Dogbite knives DB3.1

Featuring a blade of 4.0 inches, an overall length of 9.1 inches and weighs 5.0 0z. It’s a strong contender inn today’s knife market. Its blade is made of 440c stainless steel, sandwich construction with titanium handle.

Its handle length is not ideal for most flippers, but it’s an ideal everyday tool, especially with consideration to its size.

The DB3.1 has a starting price of $220, has a standard silver model and other anodized models are available too.


The Bladerunners Systems Replicant

Coming in with a Blade measuring 4.5 inches, an overall length of 10.0 inches and weight of 4.9 oz.

The BRS Replicant Is considered to be a perfect piece that represents value for money amongst butterfly knives. It’s ranked second major in the BRS flagship models. It’s one of the most popular butterfly knife.

It uses a well-refined bushing pivot system. Its parts are easily replaceable. It has a very smooth motion. Its blade is made of 154cm steel scorpion, It possess a crowned spine which makes flipping easy and comfortable.

The BRS has a starting price of $275 and comes in various configurations.


The HOM Design Rhapsody Trainer

This is another fine piece from our Butterfly Knives collection. It has a Blade of 4.6 inches, overall length of 10.0 inches and weighs 5.0 oz.

Its handle is made of 6AI-4V titanium, 154 cm stainless steel blade and an impeccable fit and finish design. There are hardly any complaints with this knife piece. It’s durable and loved by Trainers and comes in a tuned bushing system.

The HOM Starts at about $300. This is for the stonewashed version; anodized models cost around $320. It’s a trainer’s choice butterfly knife.


The Bladerunners System Alpha Beast

The BRS Alpha Beast was the first flagship model produced; it’s considered a revolutionary knife by the flippers community, as it was the first of its kind production.

Coming in with a 154 cm scimitar stainless steel blade, a handle of 5.5 inches 6AI-4V titanium and significant hardware improvement over the 2010 version 1.0.

Its dimensions makes it a flippers choice butterfly knife, and has a motto: “For floppers by Flippers”

It costs $370. It has various renditions like Infinity, Premium and Venom. Comes in anodized handle, green handles, pocket clips to acid washed blades.

This is a great cutting utility tool and a top tier flipper knife. Its price is considered absolutely perfect considering its features.


Last, but by no mean the least on today’s blog post we’ll look at: 

The Benchmade 51 Morpho

The Benchmade 51 Morpho was released in 2009. It has a Blade of 4.25 inches, an overall length of 9.25 inches and weighs 3.3 oz. This knife piece is seen as sharing similarity with the BRS Replicant, but it’s much lighter at a weight of 3.3 oz. Owing to its lightweight, it’s a very convenient carry about knife.

Despite its lightweight, it remains effective for manoeuvres. This knife is recommend for skilled flippers, not beginners. It presents with a G10 scale handle and a titanium liner configuration. It has a spare point blade, which makes sharpening really easy.

It’s available in several variants and starts at about $280. Some companies offer swappable parts. Most popular colors are Blue, Silver and Black.



Is A butterfly knife rare?

The butterfly knife is a special kind of knife, its uniquely built, packages, expensive. Its legal in illegal depending on one’s location/region. Hence one reason it’s rare.

Can butterfly knives hurt?

Except for the Trainer version, I live blade Butterfly knife is usually sharp and can hurt the user, if they don’t use it skillfully and cautiously. If you are a learner, please get the trainer version first before advancing to a live blade.

What is the famous butterfly knife?

The butterfly knife is a unique knife, so their models are generally quite popular. The Kershew Lucha series is considered to be the most famous butterfly knife. The Lucha had a very fast rating ride to the top. So it stands arguably as the most famous butterfly knife.

The source for the best custom knives

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Concluding words

It’s always difficult to say goodbye, but we’ll be back together on the next blog post, sharing with you and doing what we know how to do best – Knives and Everything Knives.

Just like any other weapon or combat tool, the Butterfly knife has its advantages and disadvantages. The Butterfly Knife is certainly an incredible combat and self-defense pocket tool, but relevant local and regional laws must be considered before purchase and utilization of this masterpiece.

The Butterfly knife is by all standards a fascinating knife piece, however if you’re a beginner it’s advisable you pick and practice with the trainer beginners blade before stepping up to the live blade and ready to deploy variants.

Don’t forget to leave your comments and feedbacks, as we’ll be glad to respond.

Until we meet on the next blog post, stay safe.

Warm regards.


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  • Jordan Mitchell

    A fantastic violation of the rules for using butterfly knives worldwide! For those interested in Oregon, my home state, our rules are a bit unique. While butterfly knives are not treated as switchblades here and are generally legal, it can be tricky to carry them discreetly. They may fall under the category of “dangerous weapons”, which can lead to legal problems if you do not have the appropriate permit with you. It’s always wise to double check local laws or law enforcement to stay safe. Thank you for this instructive passage!

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