Before talking about which knife is better, you need to understand that any knife is a tool focused on performing certain functions.


PROS AND CONS OF KNIFE COLLECTION Knife collection – highly useful activity for those who like this kind of collection. Actually, there is a special knife for every fan. Many of them increase or retain their value over the years, turning collectible knives into something that can be passed on to the next generation of […]


Tips on purchasing a custom knife Can it be argued that there is a right way to getting a custom knife, without overspending time and money? If you always dreamed of having a custom knife, but could not make up your mind to buying it, this article is definitely for you. In it, you will […]


A great knife for a hunter Hunting knives are designed to assist people in a variety of hunting and camping activities. These knives are made of durable materials to withstand heavy loads. There are various reasons for buying custom hunting knife. Some look for these knives for their functionality as they are active hunters looking […]


Gift Knife Ideas Choosing a gift is not easy: especially if your thoughts revolve around knife gift ideas. Before buying, it is usually determined for whom it is intended. The best gift for an office worker who spends his working day in his office is decorative models. Fans of hunting, fishing or outdoor activities choose […]


There are all kinds of collectors in the knife world. Some prefer practical knives while others prefer art knives. Collecting knives is as much of a noble vocation as is, say, collecting books. A knife is a symbol, a combat weapon, a survival tool, and an integral element of the history of Mankind. A knife […]


Crafted made knives are unique wares that are essential for a wide variety of needs. Knives, made by the master by hand, amaze with their appearance. Usually such products have all the qualities necessary for a future owner. And unlike shop knives, they have more excellent properties. In our article, we will talk about the manufacturing of knives, the crafted knives algorithm, as well as what is preferable to make them out and what tools to use.


Top Hunting Knives Review Hunting is an extremely popular sport today. This means that every hunter, both professional and amateur, should possess a great hunting knife. For many hunters, their knife is a matter of pride, therefore, choosing one’s knife requires special attention, taking into account the various situations that may arise on the hunt. […]