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Top Hunting Knives Review Hunting is an extremely popular sport today. This means that every hunter, both professional and amateur, яhould possess the best hunting knife. For many hunters, their knife is a matter of pride, therefore, choosing one’s knife requires special attention, taking into account the various situations that may arise on the hunt. […]


The most collectable knives are made by a craftsman or a well-known brand thanks to their special qualities. Folding knives and fixed-blade knives which are mass-produced and made-to-order both deserve a place in a collection. Among the large choice of folding factory-made knives there are universal options which can lie at the bottom of a […]


Представяме на Вашето внимание серия от оригинални мъжки подаръци. Изделията от колекцията са елегантен начин да изразите уважение към скъп за Вас човек или значима личност. Те са достоен подарък, който да бъде поднесен за юбилей, рожден или имен ден, професионален и фирмен празник или на делови партньор. ИЗБЕРЕТЕ ВПЕЧАТЛЯВАЩ ПОДАРЪК С ОСОБЕНА СТОЙНОСТ ЗА […]


Forbes Hungary made a presentation of the collection of gifts for men and collection NOBLIE knives to its subscribers. An illustrated catalogue of collectible knives and gifts for men was specially printed and delivered to Hungary. The NOBLIE online store sells and delivers to Hungary: – collection knives – engraved knives – unique gifts for […]


Readers of Forbes Romania and Forbes Life magazines will receive a catalog of collectible knives in March 2020. NOBLIE Collectibles is honored to announce its premiere in Romania. We would like to introduce our splendid collection of edged weapons and luxury gifts to all connoisseurs and art lovers. “Noblie Collectibles” is a catalog that represents […]


Folding knife is one of the best inventions of man. In a folded position it turns from a dangerous object into a reliable assistant, that can always be carried it around. Collectible folding knives especially stand out among a wide variety of folding knives. Performed with special grace, decorated with valuable materials, they occupy a […]


Among the huge selection of knives, you can find the best collectible hunting knives. Performed with special attention to detail, they become a worthy addition to the unique knife collections. Such knives can be used for their intended purpose, but as a rule, the unique beauty and expensive materials from which the knife is made […]


The game of chess is rooted to the mists of time. The history of chess has not less than one and a half thousand years. The epochs were replaced, empires and states disappeared, but chess is still today a game that attracts intellectuals and ordinary people in different parts of the world. Collectors, who supplement […]

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