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Best Bowie Knife

Written by:
Dr. Braide Honest
November 10, 2023
best Bowie knives

Warm greetings from all of us at your number one Knife Blog @Noblie. It’s a pleasure to always bring you the very best information and updates about everything knife, as well as making the best knives available to you.

Today is no different as we are at it again to present to you the best like we always do, so chill with us as we ride together, looking at an incredible knife range – Best Bowie Knife.

An Endless Blade of Efficiency and Artistry

The Bowie knife is a timeless American knife noted for its unique aesthetic outlook, significance in history, and adaptability. We explore the world of Bowie knives in this piece, examining their features, their historical events, and the qualities that make Bowie knives the “stand-out”. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a list of our top choices so you can start looking for one with conviction.

Brief History of the Bowie Knife

The renowned American, Jim Bowie is the inspiration of the Bowie knife’s name and origins. Jim Bowie wielded the knife in the historic Sandbar Fight of 1827, which is thought to have been invented initially by his brother Rezin Bowie. It became an instant classic due to its broad, clip-point blade and ergonomic layout, and it has continued to be a lasting representation of American craftsmanship since then.

Features of the Bowie Knife

Blade Shape and Length: The Bowie knife is characterized by a long, robust blade that has a unique clip point that helps with slicing and puncturing. The adaptability of this blade design for use in recreational and warfare situations is well known.

Blade Composition: Superior High-carbon stainless steel, which combines exceptional sharpness and corrosion resistance, is frequently used to make Bowie knives. Due to their distinctive patterns and strength, other materials, such as Damascus steel, are also utilized in making the Bowie knife.

Handle: Bowie knife handles are made of a variety of materials, including contemporary synthetics like Micarta and traditional hardwoods. A secure and pleasant grip on the handle is well guaranteed.

Guard and Pommel: To protect the user’s hand while in use, a guard is often placed between the blade and the grip on Bowie knives. The pommel can be utilized as a striking implement; it is frequently weighted for balance.

Tang Construction: Full tang construction, in which the blade metal extends through the handle, guarantees strength and endurance, two essential components of a Bowie knife’s functionality.

Types of Bowie Knives

Bowie knives come in different varieties:

Traditional Bowie Knives: These knives preserve a traditional and timeless appearance by closely following the traditional design of Jim Bowie’s original blade.

Contemporary Bowie Knives: These knives may preserve the classic design while embracing innovative materials and technology for enhanced performance.

Custom Bowie Knives: Personalized Bowie knives provide a distinctive, handmade choice for aficionados and collectors. These knives frequently exhibit superb workmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

What Makes a Bowie Knife so “Outstanding”?

The following elements combine to make a Bowie knife an ideal knife piece:

Crucial attributes and features: Excellent construction, a sturdy blade, and an ergonomic grip are vital.

Functionality and Intended Use: Choose a Bowie knife design based on your needs, whether you intend to use it for self-defense, outdoor activities, or gaming.

Components and Artistry: A knife made with premium materials and skillful craftsmanship yields a robust and dependable tool.

Price Range: Bowie knives exist in a variety of price ranges, so it’s critical to choose one that satisfies your needs both financially and in terms of quality.

Top Selections: Best Bowie Knives available

best Bowie


Cold Steel Natchez Bowie

Cold Steel Natchez Bowie

  • Price Range: $265 – $629
  • Customer Reviews: Due to its remarkable sharpness and sturdy construction, the Cold Steel Natchez Bowie has garnered positive feedback. Clients value its versatility and capacity to maintain its edge in a variety of tasks.
  • Unique Features: Made of VG-1 stainless steel, the Natchez Bowie has an 11.75-inch blade that is extremely sharp. It has a sturdy full tang construction for toughness and longevity, as well as a Kray-Ex handle for an easy grip.

This timeless design is well-known for its dependability and effectiveness, which makes it a great option for aficionados and anybody looking for a sturdy, traditionally inspired Bowie knife.


Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman

  • Price Range: $179 – $275
  • Customer Reviews: Customers adore this knife’s classic charm. They value its sharpness, balance, and capacity to maintain an edge.
  • Unique Features: A 6.25-inch 420HC stainless steel blade is available with the Frontiersman. It has a traditional appearance because the grip is made of traditional Dymondwood. It has a grip and guard made of brass.

Outdoor lovers love this knife, and it’s on this list because of its reputation as a high-quality American-made blade.


TOPS Knives Prather War Bowie

TOPS Knives Prather War Bowie

  • Price Range: $169-$255
  • Customer Reviews: Enthusiasts commend the TOPS Knives Prather War Bowie for its exceptional toughness and cutting precision. Its balance and ergonomic handle receive high praise for comfort during extended use.
  • Unique Features: The Prather War Bowie stands out with a 7.25-inch 1095 high carbon steel blade, a material celebrated for maintaining sharpness and resisting wear. The knife’s distinct modified clip-point design enhances its slicing capability while ensuring tip control. Its full tang build and resilient micarta handle scales provide reliability and grip security. A versatile nylon sheath complements the knife, making it a top pick for tactical and outdoor enthusiasts.



Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie

Ka Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie

  • Price Range: $136 – $187
  • Customer Reviews: Users compliment this knife for being tough and capable of handling challenging tasks. It is applauded for being very durable.
  • Unique Features: The 9-inch, well-known for its durability 1095 Cro-Van steel blade is a characteristic of the Becker BK9. Because the handle is composed of Grivory material, a firm grip is guaranteed. It comes with a polyester sheath as well.

For those looking for a heavy-duty Bowie knife, the Ka-Bar Becker BK9 is a great option because of its combat-ready design and remarkable longevity.


Case Cutlery Bowie Knife

Case Cutlery Bowie Knife

  • Price Range: $182 – $199
  •  Customer Reviews: The timeless craftsmanship and attention to detail of this knife have garnered favorable evaluations. Users value its high quality and timeless appearance.
  • Unique Features: The polished 9-inch stainless steel blade of the Case Cutlery Bowie is one of its characteristics. Real leather is layered to create the handle, which has a brass pommel and guard.

This Bowie knife is perfect for enthusiasts and others who value customary craftsmanship since it perfectly captures the historic American Bowie knife design.


Ontario Spec Plus SP10 Marine Raider Bowie

Ontario Spec Plus SP10 Marine Raider Bowie

  • Price Range: $66 – $99
  • Customer Reviews: People give this knife high marks for dependability and cost. It is known for being both sharp and rough.
  • Unique Features: The 9.75-inch 1095 carbon steel blade with a zinc phosphate finish is a unique characteristic of the SP10 Marine Raider Bowie. For a firm grip, the handle is composed of Kraton material.

The Ontario Spec Plus SP10 is a very good option for anyone looking for a reliable and reasonably priced Bowie knife.


SOG Super Bowie

SOG Super Bowie

  • Price Range: $250 – $300
  • Customer Reviews: Customers applaud the Super Bowie’s craftsmanship and elegance. Excellent ratings are given to both its general efficiency and sharpness.
  • Unique Features: This knife has a polished 7.5-inch AUS-8 stainless steel blade. The handle has a vintage appearance because it is composed of leather rivets. There is a leather sheath also included.

The SOG Super Bowie is a high-end Bowie knife that appeals to enthusiasts and collectors because it blends efficiency and work of art.


Condor Undertaker Bowie

Condor Undertaker Bowie

  • Price Range: $100 – $117
  • Customer Reviews: The Condor Undertaker Bowie is frequently celebrated by users for its classic design and durable construction. Owners often note the knife’s exceptional edge retention and its capability to perform various rugged tasks.
  • Unique Features: This Bowie boasts a 10.125-inch blade crafted from 1075 high carbon steel, ensuring a reliable cutting edge. The walnut handle not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides a sturdy and comfortable grip. It comes with a high-quality leather sheath, enhancing its traditional appeal and ensuring safe and stylish transport.


Bear & Son Damascus Bowie

Bear Son Damascus Bowie

  • Price Range: $358 – $389
  • Customer Reviews: Admirers of the Bear & Son Damascus Bowie knife often highlight its aesthetic appeal and the quality of its materials. Its practicality as an outdoor tool is also noted, despite its impressive size making it unsuitable for concealed carry.
  • Unique Features: The Bear & Son Damascus Bowie is a tribute to the classic American Bowie knife, with a 9-inch high-definition Damascus steel blade and genuine India Stag bone handle. Its design—a nod to the iconic blade style with a long, wide blade, upswept clip, double quillons, and straight handle – makes it a standout piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Custom Bowie Knife by Noblie

Best Bowie knife

Price: $5,817.00

The Noblie Bowie Knife is a high-quality custom-made knife. It’s specially designed for knife enthusiasts and lovers, it’s a knife piece showcasing the bladesmith’s artistry prowess, featuring a harmonious blend of quality design and materials.

Specially crafted blade from Mosaic Damascus steel, durability, and exquisite design patterns. The edge retention of this masterpiece bowie knife is exceptional and very aesthetically appealing.

The handle of this masterpiece is made of rare mammoth molar, snakewood, and black wood, giving it a unique appearance, It is further enhanced with a titanium guard, which provides additional protection and refines the design.

This Bowie knife comes along with a handmade sheath of tanned-vegetable leather. It also features a central stingray leather.

Having so specially processed this knife piece, it’s packaged in a custom-made beech wooden case, which not only adds value to the knife but also makes it very presentable as an ideal gift and souvenir.

Blade length: 9.65 inches
Blade thickness: 0.197 inches
Blade width: 1.81 inches
Total length: 15.75 inches

How the Best Bowie Knives Were Selected

The aforementioned knives were picked after analyzing reviews and suggestions from dependable outdoor enthusiasts. 

The knife was deemed a solid bowie knife if it could skin, gut, cut, pierce, maneuver, etc. in addition to being useful in outdoor activities. Lesser-standard Bowie knives with fragile blades, and unholdable edges, and models with delicate, breakable handles were promptly sorted through and discarded. You can bank on the knife as a reliable tool that will fulfill the functions mentioned in the review if it is included among the top choices because it is there for a reason.

How to Maintain Your Bowie Knife 

The life span of your Bowie knife depends on proper maintenance:

Maintenance and Cleaning: To keep the blade sharp and free of corrosion, ensure regular cleanings and oiling.

Sharpening and Honing: To keep the edge as sharp as possible, use the proper sharpening equipment.

Safety and Storage: Always handle your Bowie knife with respect and care, and store it in a protective pouch or sheath when not in use.

Purchase Guide

The following considerations should be taken into account while buying a Bowie knife:

Things to Consider: Consider the materials, grip design, length of the blade, and the intended usage.

Budget Considerations: Since Bowie knives range widely in price, choose a spending limit that suits your tastes.

Where to Purchase: For a large assortment of Bowie knives, visit respectable outdoor merchants, knife shops, or reliable internet retailers.

Video credit: Zac In The Wild.


Q: What is a Bowie number 1 knife?

A: The “Bowie No. 1 Knife” refers to the original knife carried by James Bowie, an American pioneer and folk hero. This knife was made famous after the Sandbar Fight of 1827 and is often considered the first “Bowie knife.” It was known for its large size, distinctive clip point, crossguard, and the fact that it was designed by James Bowie and crafted by the blacksmith James Black. The “Bowie No. 1” has become a key part of American folklore, and its design has influenced the style of Bowie knives made since.

Q: What is the best blade length for a Bowie knife?

A: The ideal blade length for a Bowie knife largely depends on its intended use, but generally, a blade measuring 7 to 12 inches in length is preferred by outdoorsmen. This size is versatile enough for various tasks such as light mincing, cutting, and even batoning, while still allowing for precise control for more intricate work like sharpening stakes or skinning game.

Q: Are Bowie knives illegal in the US?

A: The legality of Bowie knives in the US varies by state and local laws. In some areas, they are completely legal to own and carry, while in others, there may be restrictions based on the blade length or whether the knife is concealed or openly carried. It’s important to check the specific laws in your state or municipality to determine if there are any prohibitions or regulations regarding Bowie knives.

Q: What is a good thickness for a Bowie knife?

A: A good thickness for a Bowie knife blade is typically between 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch. This range of thickness ensures the knife is strong enough for the demanding tasks Bowie knives are designed for, like cutting, chopping, and survival tasks, while still allowing for some precision in slicing.


Blade lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and collectors alike are captivated by the Bowie knife because of its classic design and longstanding ancestry. We’ve revealed a collection of Bowie knives that perfectly capture the spirit of this fabled tool in our evaluation of the best available models.

Our finest choices offer a wide range of solutions to fit every style and function, from traditional designs reflective of Jim Bowie’s era to contemporary renditions that include modern innovations.

In the end, the ideal Bowie knife should be chosen based on your requirements, tastes, and financial stands. All of these knives—whether they are grounded in history or embrace contemporary innovation—are featured because of their exceptional quality, performance, and favorable reviews from users who have tried and trusted them.

These best choices demonstrate the Bowie knife’s ongoing legacy, which is evident whether you’re giving reverence to historical events, setting off on an outdoor expedition, or amassing a collection of knives.

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