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Best Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

Written by:
Dr. Braide Honest
September 21, 2023

Today we’ll be looking at a knife range I personally like. It’s the Damascus Bowie Knife.

Without further delays, let’s get into the meat of the day.

For generations, Damascus steel has been admired for its unrivaled beauty, precision, and longevity. Few blades express this old skill more vividly than the Damascus steel Bowie knife. This renowned blade combines history, workmanship, and effectiveness, making it a desirable souvenir as well as a dependable tool for outdoor lovers and hunters. This article delves into the history, qualities, pricing and reasons behind the greatest Damascus steel Bowie knife’s lasting appeal.

Forging Damascus steel dates back to the medieval Middle East, likely beginning in Damascus, the city that gave the metal its name. The method is thought to have been invented to create top-notch swords and blades known for their sharpness, versatility, and characteristic wavy patterns. The original Damascus blades were a metallurgical miracle, constructed by a perfect blend of carbon-rich alloys of steel and iron, as well as complicated forging and folding techniques.

best damascus steel bowie

Characteristics of Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

Distinctive Patterns: The Damascus steel Bowie knife’s fascinating design is one of its most appealing aspects. The swirling, water-like design, identified as the “Damascus pattern” or “Damascus twist,” is created during the forging process by repetitive stacking and folding of metals. Each knife has a one-of-a-kind pattern, making it a real one-of-a-kind and creative masterpiece.

Sharpness: Damascus steel blades are known for their remarkable sharpness and edge retention. The smooth grain structure created by folding and forging improves the knife’s cutting power and making it a highly efficient cutting instrument.

Durability and Fluidity: Damascus steel’s multi-layered architecture provides a combination of toughness and flexibility. This enables the Bowie knife remain viable even after repetitive usage, making it a trustworthy partner for outdoor activities and survival scenarios.

Aesthetics: Aside from its use, the attractiveness of a Damascus steel Bowie knife comes in its aesthetic. It is a piece of art and a mark of high craftsmanship due to the complex patterns, color contrast, and shiny surface.

best Damascus steel bowie knife

Reasons for the Enduring Popularity

1. Legacy and Tradition: The ancient significance of the Damascus steel method lends these knives a feeling of legacy and tradition. Owning a Damascus steel Bowie knife is like to owning a piece of history and engaging in centuries-old creativity.

2. Collector’s Item: Because each Damascus steel Bowie knife has a distinct design, they are very much sought after by collectors. Some collectors go for historic or limited-edition versions, which adds to their charm and worth.

3. Multipurpose: The Bowie knife’s design, which includes a fastener notch and a cross guard, making it adaptable to a variety of jobs. The Bowie knife is a dependable instrument that has withstood the test of time, whether used for outdoor excursions, hunting, camping, or even domestic protection.

4. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Handcrafting a Damascus steel Bowie knife demands talent, accuracy, and a thorough grasp of the metalworking techniques involved. The workmanship required in making these knives raises them to the level of an art form, drawing even more lovers and enthusiasts. 

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How Do I Get My Own Piece of the Damascus Steel Bowie Knife?

There are numerous knife manufacturers that produce high-quality Damascus steel Bowie knives. However when making a purchase, it is critical to search for the most recent information and reviews. My personal and best source for the very best Damascus Steel Bowie Knife and Knives in general is Noblie Collectibles.

Noblie Custom Knives: Is a well-known knife manufacturer that produces an array of knives, including Bowie knives with Damascus steel blades.

Noblie Collectibles offers you the following:

– manufacture of a knife, dagger or saber;

– forging Damascus blades;

– hand-engraving;

– scrimshaw on a knife handle;

– knife handle decoration with wood carving;

– electroplating with gold and silver;

– wood knife box manufacture.

Keep in mind that the quality and craftsmanship of Damascus steel knives can differ across organizations and various knife manufacturers. If you want to buy a Damascus steel Bowie knife, do some research on the kind you want and read reviews for genuine and exquisite products. 

Remember that customized knives and limited-edition versions may be costly than mass-produced alternatives.

best damascus bowie

Top Damascus Steel Bowie Knives

best Damascus Bowie

Bear and Son American Damascus steel Bowie Knife

The knife sure showcases the finest of Damascus steel. It’s a standout knife. It’s easily distinct from the others. It’s a handmade knife, skillfully made and attention is given to every detail of this unique knife piece.

This incredible Damascus Bowie knife features a genuine and really beautiful India stag bone handle, as well as brass pommel and guard. 

Blade length: 9inches, Blade edge: Plain, Blade colour: Silver/Gray. Handle colour: Brow/Yellow/Tan, Handle material: Stag, Overall length: 14inches.

Price: $270.00

Bear and Son American Damascus steel Bowie Knife


Turkish Twist Damascus Bowie by Kelly Vermeer

Kelly Vermeer Vella, a Journeyman Smith, has crafted a stunning Bowie with a 6-bar Turkish Twist Damascus blade. The Damascus pattern smoothly flowing to the blade’s tip is truly mesmerizing. Paired with a twist Damascus guard and frame, the handle showcases majestic mammoth ivory scales secured with perfectly aligned Damascus screws. The knife’s intricacies don’t stop there – it also features delicately fileworked titanium liners and spacers. And to top it off, it comes with a beautifully hand-tooled brown leather sheath.

Price: $4,500.00

Kelly Vermeer Damascus Bowie


Mosaic Damascus Bowie knife by Noblie

This knife piece combines Elegance and Durability. It has a well stabilized Rosewood handle. The finger guard is made of Brass. One unique feature of the knife is the feeling of comfort, when the blade is deployed for extended cutting purposes.

With a nickel mosaic Damascus, the knife is often sharp and the performance is top-notch.

Blade length: 8.6 inches; Blade color: Silver; Blade material: 15N20 & 1095, nickel; Handle material: Wood, stabilized mammoth molar; Handle color: Brown; Knife type: Fixed blade; Overall length: 13.6 inches. The Noblie mosaic Damascus Bowie knife comes in a luxury wooden presentation box.

Price: $5000.00

mosaic Damascus Bowie knife

Damascus Bowie by Michail Anderson

Michael Andersson crafted a unique Sole-Authorship Fighting Bowie that’s truly a work of art. Its multi-bar Damascus blade has a deceptive top edge and is constructed with a hidden tang. The handle stands out with its fluted Damascus guard, complete with a clamshell design, and is paired with a fluted mammoth ivory grip, complemented by Damascus and stainless steel spacers. The beauty of the knife is matched by the Damascus steel sheath, an intricately twisted design that is adorned with mammoth tusks and bordered in copper. To elevate the presentation, the knife is housed in a wooden display box and even comes with a matching Damascus corkscrew, incorporating elements of mammoth ivory, ironwood, and copper.

Price: $11,000.00

Michael Anderson Bowie


Damascus Bowie knife by Noblie

The blade of the Damascus Bowie is crafted with the unique mosaic Damascus steel. This blade owes its sharpness and durability to the 59-60 HRC heat treatment.

The handle is not to be left out. Its made of Cocobolo and mammoth molar.  This makes for its aesthetic appeal and comfortable grip. The brass spacers and design makes this knife very stable.

The size of this knife makes it very suitable for different tasks. The meticulous attention and quality craftsmanship makes this knife stand-out.

Blade length: 8 inches; Blade material: Damascus; Blade edge: Plain; Blade color: Silver; Handle Material: Wood/mammoth molar; Handle Color: Brown; knife type: Fixed blade. The sheath is carefully crafted by hand and features a stylish ostrich leather accent.

Price: $5200.00

best damascus bowie knife

Big Bowie Fighter – Damascus by CAS knives

The Sobral brothers have outdone themselves again with a breathtaking Big Bowie Fighter! The knife boasts a recurve Mosaic Damascus blade, complete with a false top edge and hidden tang. The blade proudly sports a gold-inlaid CAS logo. Its handle is modern and sleek with a stainless steel guard and a carbon fiber grip, harmoniously separated by stainless and carbon fiber spacers. And to keep this masterpiece safe, it’s accompanied by a meticulously hand-tooled black leather sheath and a protective leather zippered case.

Price: $7,500.00

Big Bowie Fighter Damascus by CAS knives


Advantages of a Damascus Steel Bowie Knife Over Other Types of Damascus Steel Knives

A Damascus steel Bowie knife has benefits over other types of Damascus steel knives due to its specialized design and intended application. The following are some of the primary benefits of a Damascus steel Bowie knife:

1. Versatility: The design of the Bowie knife, with its attachment end and crossguard, makes it a versatile instrument appropriate for a variety of jobs. It may be used for both outdoor activities like camping and hunting, as well as everyday jobs like chopping and slicing.

2. Size and Shape: The Bowie knife has a bigger blade than other Damascus steel knives, allowing for more reach and cutting strength. Its clip-point shape also enables more accurate and controlled cutting.

3. Robust Design: The Bowie knife is made for heavy-duty use, and its sturdy construction makes it appropriate for difficult jobs. It can tolerate heavy use without deteriorating or shattering its edge.

4. Hunting and Self-Defense: Because of its size and design, the Bowie knife is a good choice for hunting and self-defense circumstances. Its razor blade and strong shape are useful for skinning, field dressing, and self-defense.

5. Aesthetics: The bigger size of the Bowie knife enables more elaborate and exquisite Damascus steel designs. The Damascus steel’s unusual water-like textures contribute to the knife’s visual appeal, making it a lovely collector’s piece.

6. Historical Importance: The Bowie knife has a rich ancient history, having been connected with personalities such as Jim Bowie, which adds to its attractiveness among aficionados and fans.

7. Collector’s piece: Because of its place in history, the Bowie knife is a desirable collector’s piece. Collectors love Damascus steel Bowie knives because of its beautiful designs and workmanship.

8. Handcrafted Artistry: Many Damascus steel Bowie knives are created by talented artists, which improves their overall quality and worth. Hand-forged knives lend a personal touch and a feeling of beauty to each item.

It’s worth noting that the benefits of a Damascus steel Bowie knife against various other kinds of Damascus steel knives may vary depending on personal tastes and intended use. While the Bowie knife is known for its flexibility and durability, other Damascus steel knives may be more specialized for certain purposes. It is critical to evaluate your unique needs and preferences when selecting a Damascus steel knife to discover the perfect match for you.


Video credit: Alec Steele


A Damascus steel Bowie knife’s price can vary greatly based on criteria such as brand, craftsmanship, components used, blade dimensions, design complexity, and the track record of the knife maker or factory.

A top-notch handcrafted Damascus steel Bowie knife from a reputed knife manufacturer can range between $700 and $2500, or possibly more. Custom Bowie knives made of Damascus steel range from $3,500 to $6,000 and more for exclusive models. Mass-produced or commercially accessible solutions, on the other hand, may be offered at a cheaper cost range, ranging from  $150. (For example, knives from Pakistan or China. However, we don’t recommend buying them.)

It is vital to remember that market demand and supply dynamics, seasonal reductions, and other sales incentives can all have an impact on the pricing. To guarantee you acquire an authentic and well-crafted Damascus steel Bowie knife, conduct extensive research, read reviews, and buy from trusted merchants.


Q: Are bowie knives suitable for beginners?
While bowie knives are versatile, their size and design might be challenging for complete beginners. However, with proper instruction and care, anyone can master using them.

Q: Why are bowie knives so popular in pop culture?
Bowie knives have a rich history and iconic design, making them recognizable. Their association with rugged wilderness survival and historic duels gives them a mystique that’s been popularized in movies and literature.

Q: Can bowie knives be used for everyday tasks?
Absolutely! Though they’re often associated with hunting and outdoor activities, their versatility means you can use them for a range of everyday tasks, from slicing fruit to cutting rope.

Q: Who was Jim Bowie, and why is the knife named after him?
Jim Bowie was a 19th-century American pioneer and fighter, famous for his role in the Texas Revolution. The knife is named after him due to his renowned use of a large knife in the “Sandbar Fight.”

Q: What materials are best for a bowie knife handle?
Bowie knife handles can be made from a variety of materials, from traditional wood and bone to modern synthetics. The best material often depends on personal preference and intended use, with some prioritizing grip and others aesthetics.

Q: Is it safe to carry a bowie knife while hiking or camping?
Yes, but it’s essential to ensure the knife is securely sheathed and carried in a way that minimizes risk of injury. Familiarity with local laws regarding knife carrying is also crucial.

Q: How should I store my bowie knife when not in use?
Store your bowie knife in a dry place, preferably in a sheath that protects the blade. Ensure it’s clean and lightly oiled to prevent rusting.


The greatest Damascus steel Bowie knife is more than a blade; it is a symbol of ancient skill, a testimony to human ingenuity, and a synthesis of beauty and efficiency. The Damascus steel Bowie knife continues to fascinate the hearts of knife aficionados, collectors, and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world with its unsurpassed elegance, sharpness, and longevity. Its ageless beauty offers an indication of Damascus steel’s enduring history and the human obsession with creating the ultimate cutting instrument.

The Damascus steel Bowie knife has deep historical importance that dates back to ancient metallurgical processes and renowned characters such as Jim Bowie. The Damascus steel Bowie knife has become a valued collector’s item due to its heritage and the handmade creativity of experienced knife manufacturers.

When purchasing a Damascus steel knife, as with any other purchase, it is critical to conduct research and evaluate your unique needs and preferences. Perhaps you are a camping enthusiast, a collector, or an individual who values the combination of heritage and usefulness, the Damascus steel Bowie knife is an everlasting emblem of classic elegance and unrivaled workmanship.

We don’t need to remind you that the best place to shop for your own piece of the Damascus steel bowie knife and other beautiful and quality knife pieces is @Noblie Collectibles. We put you first and that’s why we make only the best available to you.

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