Best Hunting Knife

December 24, 2022
Best Hunting Knives

Best hunting knives. Check this detailed knife guide we have created especially for you. Top 10 knives for hunting.

Hunting Knives Review

At the present day, hunting knives come in many different designs and materials. Your particular purpose matters most, as you explore the characteristics of various types of knives and select one that will be perfect for your tasks. Most hunting knives share some premier features that make them a reliable companion. A quality hunting knife will save your time, greatly ease various tasks, and will even protect your wrist from injuries.
Sharpness and edge retention are the ultimate factors here. A good hunting knife must first and foremost be razor-sharp and lightweight enough as not to fatigue your hands in the process. An ergonomic handle that resists slippage must provide an excellent grip even when bloody or wet, to make your knife perfectly maneuverable.
Below are some examples of high-quality hunting knives that combine most of these crucial factors.

Best Hunting Knives

Buck 110 BRS Hunting Knife

This is a comfortable folding knife with a locking blade, designed in 1963. A knife to pass from one generation to another! It has a comfortable shape and moderate weight. The knife’s handle is carved from natural wood and is finished off with brass bolsters, which prevent it from slipping in the hand. In addition to the knife itself, a leather sheath and a dark box also come in the set, so if needed, it could make a great gift. It’s equally perfect for gutting prey or carrying out any household task.

  • Weight – 197g
  • Total length – 219mm
  • Blade length – 95mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in the US

Buck 110 brs hunting knife

Marttiini Lapp 230 Hunting Knife

This hunting knife is just over 22 cm long. Its blade is made of solid stainless steel. The pattern and the etched engravings immediately catch the eye. The handle is made from Curly Birch. The sheath is made of genuine leather and is also decorated with engravings. It’s one of the most versatile knives – it can cut the carcasses of very large animals, it’s suitable for gutting fish, and it can also complete a number of household tasks.

  • Weight – 92g
  • Total length – 221mm
  • Blade length – 115mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in Finland

marttiini lapp 230 knife

LAPPI PUUKKO Hunting Knife

The legendary Finnish Puukko knives have their own history. They are based on the authentic Finnish knives, so they can perform tasks both in civilization and away from it. This knife will be a reliable assistant to a fisherman, a tourist or a hunter. The blade contains carbon, which makes it possible to sharpen the knife even in the field, and chromium, which makes it resistant to corrosion. This model comes with an immersion-type belt sheath for convenience, so it can be quickly taken out using only one hand.

  • Weight – 88g
  • Total length – 205mm
  • Blade length – 90mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in Finland


Buck 192 BRS Vanguard Hunting Knife

This model comes with a factory sharp edge. The blade retains sharpness for a long time due to the unique heat treatment. It’s best suited for use by fisherman and hunters. The blade is made of steel with high carbon content, which contributes to its durability – it doesn’t chip at impact or due to a fall. The slightly curved handle is made of wood for a secure grip.

  • Weight – 180g
  • Total length – 215mm
  • Blade length – 107mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in USA

Buck 192 BRS knife

hunting knives

Grand Way Hunting Knife

A beautiful fixed blade knife. Fixed blade provides superior control, and greater down pressure when cutting. The blade and the shank are made of a single piece of steel. The blade maintains the sharpness of the cutting edge for a long time, and is smoothly polished. The handle is decorated with treated wood lining, which is pests and water resistant.

  • Weight – 165g
  • Total length – 241mm
  • Blade length – 129mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in Switzerland

Grand Way Hunting Knife

Grand Way knife


Boker Magnum Trail Hunting Knife

Fixed blade knife. An austere model with a massive blade, used for heavy duty. It is made from a marternsic 440A steel, which allows for the combinations of qualities such as flexibility and hardness. This allows the knife to withstand different kinds of strain. The handle is made of micarta, and has a comfortable, flexible shape, with a lanyard hole at the end for securing a safety cord.

  • Weight – 148g
  • Total length – 293mm
  • Blade length – 93mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in China

Boker Magnum Trail knife

Benchmade Grizzly Ridge Hunting Knife

The developers used CPM-S30V steel for this strong and reliable model, which is what accounts for its corrosion resistance and increased strength under stress. The open position is held by a special lock, which was developed by Benchmade together with renowned knife-makers. It is widely used all over the world. It is a great choice for left-handed users as it can be opened with one hand. The handle is made with linings of modern polymer materials, and features a special hole at the end to which a safety cord can be attached.

  • Weight – 106g
  • Total length – 197mm
  • Blade length – 90mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in USA

Benchmade Grizzly Ridge knife

Ka-Bar BK2 Becker Hunting Knife

Ka-Bar, an American company, has been manufacturing quality knives for over 100 years. Their knives are used for hunting, in the military and in everyday life, and can be bought anywhere in the world. Its strong and long fixed blade is made of high-carbon chromium-vanadium steel, which is renowned for its durability. Its large and
comfortable handle is also worth noting.  The blade is 6.35mm thick, which points to the great capabilities of this instrument.

  • Weight – 450g
  • Total length – 268mm
  • Blade length – 135mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in USA

Ka Bar BK2 Becker knife

Bill Moran Hunting Knife (Spyderco)

One of the most comfortable and lightweight hunting knives in our selection. It’s only 197 mm long, and the length of its entire blade is a little over 100 mm. Quality Japanese steel, known for its high performance and corrosion resistance, is used in the production of this knife. Many tourists and hunters like the versatility of this product and its ease of use. Despite its short blade, this knife can handle even large hunting trophies, and it can also be successfully used when hunting game.

  • Weight – 205g
  • Total length – 197mm
  • Blade length – 103mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in USA

Bill Moran hunting knife

Bill Moran hunting knives

Eggen HE75 Hunting Knife

The manufacturer aimed at meeting all the possible hunter needs with this knife, so they made it into a multifunctional weapon. This knife is made by hand from a special alloy using the latest technologies, which
give it its solid structure. The cutting edge is great for both the household carving and butchering of the animal carcasses. The comfortable handle is positioned at a certain angle, which makes using this knife very comfortable. The handle also has a special finger groove, thanks to which the finger doesn’t slip onto the blade.

  • Weight – 195g
  • Total length – 211mm
  • Blade length – 103mm
  • Material: steel
  • Made in Norway

eggen 75 knife

So, there’s a huge choice of hunting knives in a modern world. To avoid making a wrong choice, one needs to clearly determine what purpose their knife must serve. Special attention should be paid to the blade: its durability, strength, sharpness. The knife’s handle must have a non-slip surface, be well balanced and comfortable in use. The ideal blade length is 10-15 cm, and handle length should be 10 cm. It’s the only way to choose the best hunting knife for one’s needs. Since a lot depends on the manufacturer, I’ve decided to highlight a couple of the best ones.

handmade custom knives

Hunting Knife Brands Review

One should understand that a quality knife is not just a beautiful thing, but also an indispensable assistant to any hunter or tourist. There’s a huge number of different models of hunting knives that vary in price and quality. A lot depends on the manufacturer, so here’s a list of leading brands on the market today. These companies also offer
custom-made hunting knives.

  1. Cold Steel
    As of today, this American manufacturer of hunting knives is the market leader. The company has been on the market since 1970. Their quality is always high and their blades are always sharp. This company’s factories operate all over the world, which speaks of its serious approach to business. Their hunting knives always test extremely well, and their sharp edge is capable of piercing the carcass of both a wild boar and bear.
  2. Benchmade
    The second place is also held by an American company, which was established back in 1988. Its high quality and a wide range of products have made it widely known. They only use premium types of stainless steel with special hardness when manufacturing their knives. They often feature models with many additional functions. The design of their knives is worth noting, as it is one of the reasons why the buyers fell in love with this manufacturer.
  3. Spyderco
    The Japanese company Spyderco is famous for its exquisite products. They mainly manufacture folding knives with high steel hardness. This brand’s hunting knives are distinguished by being made on special EDM machines.
  4. Buck
    Yet another North American manufacturer, which began its operations in 1961. Many companies today aim to be like them, because it is their knives that hunters love the most. This manufacturer takes its business with special responsibility, so it’s rightfully earned its place in our top.
  5. NOBLIE knives
    This honorary list is closed off by a European manufacturer NOBLIE. This small company manufactures both custom hunting knives and knives for collectors. Their products always come with a certificate, a wooden knife box, which is certainly a big advantage.
  6. Gerber
    Gerber, a USA-based brand with a legacy since 1939, is renowned for its reliable hunting knives blending modern design with robust materials. Known for durability, sharpness, and practical features, Gerber’s hunting knives cater to seasoned hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, offering reliable performance in diverse outdoor scenarios.
  7. ESEE
    Knives is known for rugged, durable knives suited for survival, outdoor, and tactical uses. With a background in survival training, ESEE offers reliable, high-grade knives popular among adventurers, hunters, and military personnel. The brand’s straightforward designs and lifetime warranty reflect its commitment to quality and functionality.


good hunting knives

FAQ corner

What makes a good hunting knife?

A good hunting knife should have a sharp, durable blade, a comfortable grip, and be suited for the tasks you plan to perform, like skinning, gutting, or boning. The right balance between blade length and control, as well as a reliable sheath for safe carry, are other important factors.

Should I choose a fixed blade or folding hunting knife?

Fixed blade knives tend to be stronger and more reliable for heavy-duty tasks due to their solid construction, while folding knives offer more convenience and are easier to carry. Your choice would depend on your hunting needs and personal preferences.

What are the preferred materials for hunting knife blades and handles?

Popular blade materials include stainless steel for corrosion resistance and edge retention, and carbon steel for ease of sharpening and toughness. For handles, materials like rubber or textured polymers offer good grip, while wood and bone provide a classic aesthetic.

How do I maintain my hunting knife?

Regular sharpening, cleaning, and drying are essential to keep your hunting knife in good condition. It’s also advisable to oil the blade occasionally to prevent rust, especially if it’s made from carbon steel.

Where can I buy a high-quality hunting knife?

Quality hunting knives can be purchased from specialized outdoor or hunting stores, reputable online retailers, or directly from the knife makers. It’s advisable to read reviews, compare brands, and perhaps handle a few knives in a store to find what feels best in hand.

How do I ensure safety while using and carrying my hunting knife?

Ensuring your knife is securely sheathed when not in use, keeping it sharp, and following safe handling practices like cutting away from your body, are crucial steps to ensure safety while using and carrying your hunting knife.


Choosing the best hunting knife is a personal journey that hinges on your hunting needs, preferences, and the conditions you’ll be facing in the outdoors. Whether you lean towards the modern, durable offerings from Gerber, or the rugged, no-nonsense designs of ESEE, having a reliable knife by your side can significantly enhance your hunting experience. A good hunting knife is not merely a tool; it’s an extension of the hunter, ready to perform whenever called upon. As you conclude your search for the perfect hunting knife, remember that the best knife is the one that feels right in your hand, tackles your hunting chores efficiently, and ultimately, stands the test of time. Your investment in a high-quality hunting knife is an investment in many fruitful and safe hunting adventures to come.

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