Best Knife Lanyards

May 25, 2023
best knife lanyards

People have been adding accessories to their knives ever since the invention of the tool. Whether you own a combat knife, a survival blade, or a utility knife, you always add accessories to it. Almost all knives have holes in their handles, and most users aren’t sure what they are for. One use of holes on knife handles is for installing a lanyard. These simple yet handy accessories can enhance a knife’s appearance and functionality. 

It is not uncommon for people to install a lanyard on their knives right after they buy them. However, other people later realize the importance of a lanyard and want to buy one for their blade. 

Adding a lanyard to your knife is a worthy investment, and you can’t go wrong with buying one. That said, not all lanyards are made equal, and a large variety of lanyards are available on the market. So if you were looking for the best lanyard for yourself, then you have landed at the correct article. We are going to list down our picks for the best lanyards from various categories to help you make up your mind. 

full hand grip knife lanyard


What is a lanyard, and why should you add one to your knife?

Simply put, a lanyard is an extension of your knife that comes in the form of a cord or a strap. This accessory can be secured to your knife’s handle via dedicated holes, and it extends the knife’s contact point for the user. Whether you use a knife for self-defense or for outdoor use, this accessory instantly makes your knife more useable. 

It is difficult to drop or lose your knife when it is attached to your wrist via an additional cord. Not to mention lanyards are beautifully designed to add a level of customization to your knife. You can make your knife more expressive by adding a unique lanyard that matches your taste. 

Lanyards also offer a variety of grips, whether it is a one-finger grip, two-finger grip, wrist grip, or a full-hand grip. So depending on how you want to secure your knife, you can choose from different lanyards that offer different grips. Either way, once you get used to using a knife with a lanyard attachment, it is going to be difficult to use it without one. 

From the added grip support to the visual appeal, a lanyard is going to change the way you use knives forever. 

one finger grip knife lanyard

Best knife lanyards you can buy today

There is no shortage of lanyards online, and it is easy to get tricked into buying a low-quality one. That is why we have picked only the best knife lanyards among hundreds of products. Without further ado, here are our picks for the best knife lanyards:

CooB Knife Lanyard | Best looking lanyard

If you are looking for a lanyard that can add both functionality and visual appeal to your knife, then the CooB Knife Lanyard is a good option for you. This lanyard offers the perfect blend of design and durability with a decent length making it ideal for pocketknives. 

The CooB Knife Lanyard is handmade, and if you buy it from the official store, you can rest assured that you are getting the real thing. The unique feature of this lanyard is the animal-themed bead attached to the strap, and there is a wide selection of animals to choose from. 

CooB Knife Lanyard


Size: 5-5,3″

Color: Red, Green, Blue, Black, and Golden

Material: Paracord, Bronze


  • Authentic item
  • High-quality materials
  • Reasonable price


  • It may not fit smaller knives due to the large size

FOOMEXT EDC Knife Lanyards | Best design lanyard

If it’s the style and design you are looking for, then the FOOMEXT EDC lanyard should be your consideration. This lanyard has a vintage design with a touch of modern colors, making it a striking option for your knife. It comes with three beads, and the cord material is strong enough to withstand most heavy-duty uses. 

Like the previous entry, the FOOMEXT EDC is also handmade and promises high quality and durability. This knife lanyard is designed with outdoor use in mind, and therefore its design matches a hunter’s knife the most. With that said, you can also use it for knives that are mostly used at home or for work. 

FOOMEXT EDC Knife Lanyards


Size: 4″

Color: Green, Blue, and Brown 

Material: Paracord, Bronze


  • Durable cord
  • Handmade
  • High-quality materials


  • The size may be bigger than normal lanyard

Combat Ready 5.75″ Monkey Fist Lanyard | Best combat lanyard

If you use your knife primarily for self-defense, then the Combat Ready 5.75″ Monkey Fist is a great option for you. The green camo design and the larger fist grip make this lanyard ideal for combat knives. This lanyard doesn’t have any extra beads or other distractions attached to it. 

The Monkey Fist lanyard offers a minimalistic design required for hand-to-hand combat. Fits perfectly in your fist, and the other end of this lanyard has a steel ball wrapped inside the cord for added defense. 

You do not want to be hit by the steel ball-wrapped end of this lanyard. This handmade lanyard is going to make your combat knife is designed to make your combat knife even more effective and mean-looking. 

Combat Ready 5.75 Monkey Fist Lanyard


Size: 5.75″

Color: Green camo

Material: Paracord, Steel


  • Durable design
  • Full fist grip
  • Easy to install


  • Lacks beads and ornaments

M-Tac Knife Lanyard Zeus | Best nylon lanyard

Paracord may be durable, but it can’t match the toughness and the smooth finish of a nylon lanyard. All the previous entries in our list of best knife lanyards were paracord based. However, the M-Tac Lanyard Zeus is made from nylon, which makes it much more durable and resistant to various elements. If your knife gets exposed to elements quite often, then the nylon construction of this lanyard makes it a perfect fit for your blade. Nylon is water resistant and can resist the most abuse the environment can throw at this lanyard. 

As far as the styling is concerned, this lanyard comes with three beads that complement the knife with their golden color. Ideal for knives that contain a hint of yellow or golden color in their construction.

M Tac Knife Lanyard Zeus


Size: 5.3″

Color: Olive, Black, Camo, and Coyote

Material: Nylon, Metal


  • Superior nylon construction
  • Tightly woven 
  • High-quality metal 


  • The design of beads may be excessive to some

275 Paracord Dual Bead Knife Lanyard | Most customizable lanyard

Couldn’t find the right color lanyard for your knife yet? The 275 Paracord Dual Bead Lanyard offers 36 different cord colors for you to choose from. The cord color is not the only customization you can choose when buying this lanyard. You also get to choose between five different bead colors. 

So, if you are someone who likes to match their lanyard precisely to their knife and taste, then this lanyard is the perfect option. This lanyard also offers a decent size and a good grip, so you get style and function with this product. 

275 Paracord Dual Bead Knife Lanyard


Size: 7″

Color: 36 distinct colors

Material: Paracord, Steel


  • 36 distinct color options
  • Three bead design
  • Fully customizable


  • More expensive compared to other options



So there you have it, we have listed all the best lanyards from different categories to aid your buying decision. Each entry in our list is unique and brings its own distinct features to the table. You can’t go wrong with either of the products listed above. However, you should only pick the one that matches your needs and, most importantly, falls within your budget. 

Now that you know, which lanyards are best from each category you can skip the lengthy research and buy one that suits you the best. 

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