Big myths about custom knives

November 3, 2022

“Custom knives are one of a kind” – that is a big understatement. Collectors of non-standard knives in the United States who appreciate the quintessence of craftsmanship should have at least one non-standard knife. No matter how wonderful collecting custom knives is, there are some persistent myths that can distract consumers from the most important.

Noblie not only manufactures and distributes rare handmade knives, but also tries to enlighten everyone who is interested in knife-making, and in this case to dispel common myths about custom knives. We hope that when all is said and done, you will show more respect and diligence in your passion and desire towards knife collecting.


Myth №1 – Custom knives are intended only for visual aesthetics

High-quality knives are undoubtedly made by people who understand knife-making and know almost everything about knives, if not every little thing. The creators of knives know the secrets that make a knife great. Elements such as design, steel, heat treatment, balance and ergonomics are just some of the many factors that influence the process of creating non—standard knives. In addition, there is painstaking attention to detail that cannot be reproduced or even found in the outside world. Non-standard knives are designed not only for aesthetics. They are intended for use. This is the intention of the knife manufacturer, and this is what is encouraged.

custom hunting knife Old Solder

Myth №2 – Custom-made knives are fragile

The qualities that make knives usable will also make them suitable for use in more serious enterprises. Collectors of non-standard knives in California and knife manufacturers can say with confidence that knives are not fragile at all. In fact, the opposite is true. All knives are made individually by hand. The manufacturer is involved in all aspects of creating knives, from beginning to end. A lot is at stake when making a knife, especially the pride and reputation of the curator. After all, their name will eventually decorate the work they created. So, don’t worry. Buy your individual knife with the maximum level of confidence in your purchase.

Custom damascus knife Boar

Myth №3 – Custom knives are limited and the choice is small

Perhaps this is one of the stupidest myths of all. One look at our wide selection of non-standard knives will confirm this. So where did the root of this misconception come from? Well, this could be due to the fact that the “custom knife” was seen as synonymous with Bowie, decorative daggers, etc. Although there is no doubt that knives matching these descriptions are readily available, the world of custom knives is uniquely diverse. As more and more people engaged in this craft, many in the community witnessed the rapid growth of new culture and artistic influences. Variety and quality are never enough. And, of course, any knife can be recreated more than once.

custom knife, hand engraving

Noblie knife store is a special place for collectors and their exquisite preferences

One of the best aspects of owning a custom knife is knowing that no one else has an item like it. Noblie is happy to satisfy your passion for collecting these valuable works of art. To learn more about what is currently available in our assortment, visit the catalog of our online knife store. We look forward to seeing you!

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