Edged weapons - a symbol of authority. Luxury gifts for men.

November 1, 2018
An edged weapon is a symbol of authority, valor, courage, nobility, wealth and good taste. The product of high art, combining the noble blade, precious metals and gemstones. The object of passionate collecting and veneration. Nowadays, it is also a worthy interior decoration and a valuable gift. The tradition to give and collect weapons originated in the Middle Ages. In Europe in the XVII – XVIII centuries, own collection of weapons - ceremonial, hunting and military - was considered as an element of prestige, a demonstration of good taste and the owner status. Rich nobles were ordering personal copies of weapons and armor from the best master gunsmiths in Europe. The weapons museums have preserved specimens of magnificent imperial gifts - they were sent to European kings, great connoisseurs and weapons experts. And in this century, weapon remains a symbol of power and high position in society as well as a sign of special respect for the person to whom it is presented. Weapons are pleased to accept as a gift heads of State, cultural and political personalities. But, of course, for the most part it is not an ordinary weapon, but a piece of art that has artistic and historical value. That is exactly the kind of highly art knives and custom blades are issued under NOBLIE brand. Stunning aesthetic expressiveness of each work, amazing perfection of lines and shapes at first glance do not give us any doubts that there is a sample of high art in front of us, unique creation, which is destined to survive any troubled times and shine through the ages, glorifying the unique majesty and refinement of the weapons school. Precious metals and gemstones, enamels, leather, the most sophisticated jewelry techniques are used to create edged weapons. Each product is unique and created in a single copy. Moreover, each such product is worthy of being called a piece of jewelry art and to take the place not only in private collections, but also in museum expositions. Collection custom swords for sale: https://noblie.eu/product-categories/swords-sabers/ Buy art daggers and custom daggers here: https://noblie.eu/product-categories/daggers/ Shop art knives, custom knives from Europe: https://noblie.eu/product-categories/knives/ art knife art knivescustom art knife custom art knives damascus art knifehandmade art knife handmade knife custom hunting knife, knife engravingcollection knife custom knife collectioncustom art knife art knife collection scrimshaw art knife scrimshaw custom knife
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If you want to make a unique and impressive gift to the hunter then this offer is for you.
The presence of cover or sheath: Sheaths Blade material: RWL-34 steel Handle material: bone of a mammoth.
Hunting is an extremely popular sport today. This means that every hunter, both professional and amateur, should possess the best hunting knife. For many hunters, their knife is a matter of pride, therefore, choosing one’s knife requires special attention, taking into account the various situations that may arise on the hunt.