Cane “Golden age”

May 25, 2018
Really unique gift for big boss. Handmade collectible cane by NOBLIE.
SPECIFICATION Overall length: 940 mm Stiletto blade length: 250 mm Coating thickness of decoration: nickel 26 µm; gold 4,5 µm Blade Rockwell hardness 58 HRC MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Produced by applying various methods of wood and metal processing: fretwork, etching, polishing, engraving, nickel plating, gold plating, gem inlay. Blade of stainless steel 440C. Cane is made of walnut wood with gilded tip and ornamental engraved bands. Fine gems inlaid close to the handle ball. Embedded stiletto blade  inside. Two pairs of demonstrative gloves in the set. Manufacturing process: 39 days. Cane “Golden age” Cane “Golden age”
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Quality is guaranteed by blades made of carbon or stainless steel. Each blade type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel blade rusts and therefore require special processing. Regular use is the best way to keep the blade from rusting, but you can also coat the blade with solution.
Dear collectors and connoisseurs, We would like to introduce the special edition of Noblie Collectibles album.
The whole story line of the dagger represents the greatness of the prince of the kingdom of Logres.