Caucasian dagger "KKB" in the collection of edged weapons NOBLIE

May 30, 2017

Collection of edged weapons NOBLIE replenished with rarity exhibit. We present to your attention the collectible damascus dagger of the Caucasian type “KKB”. The abbreviation “KKB” means the Kuban Cossack Troops in Russian. This type of daggers was used by Cossack troops during the Russian Empire.

The dagger was made by knife makers and jewelers  by the samples of the original Caucasian daggers of the XIXth century. Technologies of metalworking and decoration of edged weapons are the most fully observed in the production of these daggers.

Blade is forged from Damascus steel. Scabbard and handle are made of silver. The dagger is inlaid with gems garnets and decorative inserts from the mammoth tusk with fine carvings.

At the moment, the Dagger is sold and is in a private collection.

The company NOBLIE can make the Dagger for order, the manufacturing period is 4 months.

For order please contact us.

Caucasian dagger Caucasian dagger Caucasian dagger Caucasian dagger Caucasian dagger

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