Caucasian dagger Qama

May 14, 2022

Among the huge variety of art daggers, one unique type can be distinguished. The Qama dagger is a legendary weapon of the peoples of the Caucasus and Transcaucasia. It is impossible to imagine the history of the warlike mountaineers without this masterpiece.

The history of Qama dagger

The dagger gained its popularity in the East in the 17th – 19th centuries. In the Caucasus, it was actively used in the 18th – 19th centuries. It was used:

  • as a weapon;
  • for household affairs.

The dagger was worn from a young age in many countries:

  • Dagestan;
  • Adygea;
  • Ossetia;
  • Chechnya;
  • Kabardino-Balkaria.

After the Caucasian War ended, checkers were worn by those who were in the ranks of the Russian army. This, according to scientists, gave an impetus to the production of Caucasian weapons. The dagger not only complemented the checker, but could also completely replace it. Cossacks who lived in border regions and took part in wars were armed with Qamas. The Caucasian warrior is associated with this dagger. There is a version that it originated from the sword “gladius”, which was famous in ancient Rome.

Blade shape and dimensions

The blade is straight, double-edged, the tip is tetrahedral elongated. The blades were worked out in dales, the maximum number was 4 pieces. This contributed to:

  • weight reduction;
  • giving dagger greater strength.

Handle materials

The handle was made of the following materials:

  • horns;
  • bones;
  • iron;
  • silver.

The handle has a wide base, a narrow shaft ended with a pommel, similar to an arch. The handle did not have a guard, rivets were attached to the shank of the blade.

Elements of decoration

There were engravings on the handles and scabbards:

  • wooden, leather-covered and with a metal tip;
  • iron or silver.

The masters put their own brands. The pattern defined the area of origin and the master. An original ornament was often applied to the scabbard.

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