Collectible dagger "The Sword of King Arthur"

August 18, 2017
The whole story line of the dagger represents the greatness of the prince of the kingdom of Logres. The product is all-metal. Two cabochons form pommel. Celtic ornament decorates the handle. The highlight of the dagger is the scabbard. They are made in the form of a shield of the Knight of the Britons of the V-VI th centuries. The dagger has two plot compositions: the image of King Arthur and his residence - Camelot, which decorate the front side of the scabbard. The center of the composition is one of the most important episodes in the epic about Arthur - extracting a sword from a stone. An originality of the dagger is given by the Celtic ornamental pattern. You can buy online best collectible daggers in the online knife shop: Beautiful blades collection here: If you are also interested in carved bone knives we invite you to visit section of the our website: Also you can get acquainted with the process of creating handmade collector's knives on the site NOBLIE in the section "Custom knife making": Collectible dagger Collectible dagger Collectible dagger Collectible dagger Collectible dagger
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