Collectible daggers 2017

December 2, 2017

Dagger “Persians”
The moving force to win and to conquer and the wish to rule half of the world, reproduced in a dagger of Ancient Persian Empire style. The scabbard is all-metal forged, made of brass, with fine decorated locket. Pictures of Persian horsemen on both sides. The scabbard rich adorned with oriental ornaments on the both sides.

Collectible daggers 2017 Collectible daggers 2017Stiletto “Dignity”
Honorable art dagger, traditionally used as additional weapon for stabbing in a duel. Famous with its sharp needle-point blade, it is considered to be very effective one. Hidden weapon you can rely on. Blade of stainless steel 440C. Handle made of bone, with gilded and ornamental decorated cross guard and pommel. Built-in smoky quartz on the top and inlaid gems. All-metal forged scabbard with decorative engravings. Gilded tip and locket.

Collectible daggers 2017 Collectible daggers 2017 Collectible daggers 2017

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