Custom dirk collection

July 12, 2018
In modern art one of the most important areas and, perhaps, the most rapidly developing art is the creating art weapons. Every year the number of artists involved to this direction increases. More and more original innovative solutions appear in the works of masters. Over the last three decades, during which there was a revival of edged weapons as a craft and becoming a kind of art a considerable number of author's works were accumulated. Thanks to this, today we can talk about the art modern author's edged weapons as a new, independent phenomenon in the cultural life of the society. Visit us: ART KNIFE GALLERY in Hotel Marinela: Bulgaria, Sofia, 100, James Bourchier Boulevard, +359 879 699 350 online store, custom dirks for sale: collection dirk custom dirk dirk collection handmade dagger handmade dirk handmade custom dirk custom dirk buy art dirk for sale handmade dirk for sale handmade dirk shop custom dirk shop
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Readers of Forbes Romania and Forbes Life magazines will receive a catalog of collectible knives in March 2020. NOBLIE Collectibles is honored to announce its premiere in Romania. We would like to introduce our splendid collection of edged weapons and luxury gifts to all connoisseurs and art lovers.
Such hobby like collecting knives has always existed and today thanks to the opportunities to purchase quality knives of world famous brands it is becoming more widespread.
The art of manufacturing decorated edged weapons has already existed for many centuries. It absorbed rich traditions and historical experience of different nations from ancient times till the present days. Sabres and small swords, broadswords and rapiers, dirks and hunting daggers were consideres pieces off art if they were decorated with carving and engraving, gold plating and embossing, precious metals and stones. Such objects were usually intended for present, awards, diplomatic gifts and court ceremonies, where a high technical value and a rich artistic decoration were naturally combined. This unique art resched its full flowering in the first part of the 19th century, but by the beginning of the next century the tradition to create such kind of weapon has interrupted and, as it seemed, forever.