Scrimshaw folding knives

May 22, 2019
Folding knife is one of the best inventions of man. In a folded position it turns from a dangerous object into a reliable assistant, that can always be carried it around. Custom folding knives especially stand out among a wide variety of folding knives. Performed with special grace, decorated with valuable materials, they occupy a worthy place in the collections of people not indifferent to the art of knife. These knives are made in a single copy in accordance with the master's conception. Manual processing and attention to every detail makes custom folding knives into an object of art. Art knives will be a worthy gift to a person who is difficult to surprise with something. Company Noblie offers to be acquainted with a large selection of art knives on various themes at the Collectible folding knives Collectible folding knives Collectible folding knives Collectible folding knives
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An edged weapon is a symbol of authority, valor, courage, nobility, wealth and good taste. The product of high art, combining the noble blade, precious metals and gemstones. The object of passionate collecting and veneration.
We are presenting for your appreciation a unique collection of engraved knives crafted by talented hands. Noblie Masters use traditional techniques such as metalworking, hand engraving, scrimshaw or carving of the mammoth tusk, grinding, polishing, satin finish blade to come up with the most exquisite masterpieces. The blade is forged of steel Bohler N695, and the handle is made of the mammoth ivory and titanium.
Knife “Hunting lions”. A knife, dedicated to the right to be on the top in the nature.