Collectible knife - a unique and beautiful gift

September 28, 2018
Hearing the word "knife", most people imagine only kitchen utensils, which will be indispensable in any kitchen. Meanwhile, its application and use at all times was much wider and larger. With the help of a knife fought, killed enemies and competitors, defended themselves and it was to present as an expensive gift. Not everyone aware that in these days, collecting knives is an exciting hobby and more and more of people interested in this. Of course, men predominate among them in which for a long time there lived a passion and interest in weapons, but there are also women collecting rare types of knives and proud of their collections. After all, the collectible knife is not just a honed blade but also a rare unique object that sometimes has a centuries' old history. The thing impregnated with strength, beauty and danger. High-quality collectible knives are not so easy to buy, even with sufficient financial resources. However, it should be noted that this hobby is not only beautiful, but also undoubtedly expensive. True connoisseurs "hunt" for desired cold weapon around the world. They visit auctions and houses of other collectors, pull out valuable lots literally from the hands of competitors, acutely experiencing setbacks, constantly collect information about rare exclusive knives, give a lot of money for them and literally tremble over their collections. However, this hobby has other facets: in the world, there are masters who can make a unique knife with the sharpest blade and unusual external design. Moreover, even if such a thing doesn't have an ancient history, it anyway has the highest value, and collectors and amateurs for years expect their order from the acknowledged gurus of this art. Do not lag behind them and all the famous world brands. Each a self-respecting company selling knives, has collection batches that are produced in a limited edition. Undoubtedly, they will pay a considerable amount, but the one who invests in this beautiful hobby will win in the future. The thing is that collecting knives is becoming fashionable, without losing its relevance for many years. Any collector who wishes to sell the entire collection or a single item is in a win, with a good return of the spending money. It should be especially noted that the collectible knife is a unique and beautiful gift that can leave no one representative male indifferent. And who knows, maybe the given knife will be the beginning of a great hobby and the first subject in the future collection of a simple knife lover. ART KNIFE GALLERY visit us: Hotel Marinela, Bulgaria, Sofia, 100, James Bourchier Boulevard, +359 879 699 350 Shop online collectible knives: Handmade hunting knives for sale: Collectible knife - a unique and beautiful gift Collectible knife - a unique and beautiful gift Collectible knife - a unique and beautiful gift Collectible knife - a unique and beautiful gift Collectible knife - a unique and beautiful gift Collectible knife - a unique and beautiful gift
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The process of edged weapon making is a kind of magical rite and it starts with breathing life to its “heart” – the blade. In the beginning it is just a piece of iron or iron ingots that should be forged in elegant form. The foundry is the place where the mass of iron is poured out of a furnace as a liquid, the internal structure of the iron is like small spheres of iron piled together like a bunch of somewhat sticky marbles.
This collection art knife will be a unique gift to a connoisseur of edged weapons, knife collector or hunter. This knife is made in a single copy and has a high cost.
The whole story line of the dagger represents the greatness of the prince of the kingdom of Logres.