Scrimshaw art knives

March 29, 2019
Scrimshaw art knife set represent a special value for people involved in collecting. In the manufacture of such sets, valuable rare natural materials are usually used, which in the hands of the master become unique works of art. Special methods of hand engraving emphasize the plot drawing. The theme of the collection of knives can be varied. These are legends of sport, famous personalities, and the world of nature. The knife collector will select the theme of interest to its taste. Art knives have an individual luxury handmade box of mahogany. This makes it possible to provide for a comfortable storage and transportation of knives. This set can be a great valuable gift to a person who is difficult to surprise with something. Choose a wide range of options here: Collectible knife sets Collectible knife sets Collectible knife sets Collectible knife sets
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NOBLIE is European registered trade mark for exclusive collectibles, luxury and prestigious goods. The company is oriented in the trade segment of exclusive gifts for men and special occasion awards. Noblie produces and sells worldwide a large list of handmade crafted and artistically decorated collectible knives in different styles.
The process of edged weapon making is a kind of magical rite and it starts with breathing life to its “heart” – the blade. In the beginning it is just a piece of iron or iron ingots that should be forged in elegant form. The foundry is the place where the mass of iron is poured out of a furnace as a liquid, the internal structure of the iron is like small spheres of iron piled together like a bunch of somewhat sticky marbles.
A habitual knife, saved in a scabbard, repeatedly and not twice rescued its owner in a duel with the enemy, and in a hunting encounter, and in the struggle for survival.