Custom art knife "Treasure birds. Peacocks in silver and gold"

August 27, 2018

The art of making knives is already a lot of hundreds and even thousands of years. At first, the knives were stone, then bronze and now very different metal and even ceramics are used to make knives. In hunting equipment, the knife plays a very significant role, and this is indicated by their enormous diversity. After all, hunting knives are not so much a beautiful object, as an essential element of hunting equipment, having far from latter of significance in hunting. Today, hunting knives are a universal and necessary tool for any hunter, designed to deal with a wide variety of tasks. In special cases, it continues to perform the functions of cold weapon and often serves its direct purpose as, say, in the case it is necessary to finish off small wildfowl.
The hunting knife in the process of hunting has two functions: the first is a purely domestic (to cut, open, sharpen, etc.); and the second is professional for the carcass cutting, skinning or any other prey processing. For this reason, customg hunting knives are made in different shapes and sizes for more convenient use for specific purposes. In addition, hunting knives can also carry a purely decorative, gift function. You have to admit, not a few people are got involved in collecting cold weapons, because these products are a kind of artwork, and some of them are just masterpieces performed by masters of their craft. And today, the traditions of making hunting knives are carefully preserved and passed from hand to hand from one master to another. Hunting knives are already firmly integrated into the list of collectible edged weapons along with longer blades and are intended for absolutely other purposes. The beauty of some of the blades is rather difficult to convey in words, you need to watch and admire these masterpieces, real works of masters of their craft. Today we offer you to admire the best hunting knives and to appreciate the design and artisanship of the master who produced these blades, after all these hunting knives can rightly be called an art work.

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