Collectible saber ”Liberator”

December 19, 2017
This custom made collectible saber now is in a private collection.
Overall: 1100 mm
Blade: 880  mm
Blade thickness: 7 mm
Blade width: 34 mm
Coating thickness:
nickel 26µm
gold   4,5 µmBlade Rockwell hardness 56 HRC
Designed in 19th century style for the High Command officers and artistically adorned.
Produced by traditional methods of  metalwork and decoration: forging, gold plating, inlay, nickel plating, leather processing, engraving, blackening and drawing.
Blade of atmosphere resistant  Damascus steel. Close to the guard are engraved gilded decorative ornaments and the monogram of the Russian Emperor Alexander II.
Handle of metal components, brass and gilded ornamental engraved D –guard, with three branches and forward swept   quillion with ear ending. Nickel, brass and gilded upper hilt part. Black leather wrapped grip, with twisted gilded wire. Pommel cap with ball ending.
The scabbard is all metal forged, artistically decorated and refine details illustrated.
On one side of the locket is depicted the portrait of the Russian Emperor Alexander II the Liberator. The four decorative bands on the same side are shaped as the Russian Orders of Saint Andrew the Apostle the First-Called, Alexander Nevsky, Saint   Anne, and Saint George, belonged to Russian Emperor. They are covered with color enamel and surrounded with cubic zirconia gems. On two of the bands are fastened decorative suspension rings. Divided on four frames, the surface of the scabbard on this side,  from the locket to the chape,  is  illustrated with scenes from the battle of Pleven, fought by the Russian army  against the Ottoman Empire in 1877 -1878 Russo-Turkish war. Decorative techniques of  pointillism and engraving are applied for  the illustrations.
All the parts of the scabbard on the opposite side are rich adorned with gilded and engraved decorative motifs.

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Collectible saber ”Liberator” Collectible saber ”Liberator” Collectible saber ”Liberator” Collectible saber ”Liberator” Collectible saber ”Liberator” Collectible saber ”Liberator” Collectible saber ”Liberator”
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