Handmade custom knife as the idea of the men's gift

August 15, 2018

Which is better to choose as a gift? Than to surprise unusual and at the same time refined. These are the questions that we face when choosing a gift for a friend, colleague or leader. After all, the gift to a man should not only please, but also find practical application in life. Such the exclusive and practical gift is a custom knife. The advantage of the blade and accordingly the knife are its forms and individuality. As a rule, very close people purchase a knife as a gift, so they can determine if the knife handle is suitable for the hand of the person to whom the blade is intended. It is necessary that the knife lay in the hand well, it was comfortable to hold and the weight of the blade was not felt. If the hand does not get tired holding the knife, then in the future it will be convenient in work. You can choose a luxurious gift for man – a custom knife that can later become a family heirloom.

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At first glance, the design of any cutting tool has no difficulties, but in fact, each component – a recess, protrusion or notch – has a specific function. And if even an amateur can figure out the function of a blade, a ricasso or a handle, then such an element as a fuller on a knife causes a huge amount of controversy and speculation.
For modern men, the knife has become a symbol of survival and the ability to provide everything needed for survival with just one simple and deadly instrument.