Curt Ericson custom knife

January 24, 2018
Knife master: Curt Ericson. USA The presence of cover or sheath: Sheaths Blade material: RWL-34 steel Handle material: bone of a mammoth. We ordered this knife not simply so. It is a remark of an old Californian dagger of dashing times of "gold-rush". The handle from a mammoth with a pleasant carving, Julia Varenski's engraving. Everything is very simple and beautiful. Now this collectible knife is in private knife collection.
Curt Ericson custom knife Curt Ericson custom knife Curt Ericson custom knife Curt Ericson custom knife
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Представяме на Вашето внимание серия от оригинални мъжки подаръци. Изделията от колекцията са елегантен начин да изразите уважение към скъп за Вас човек или значима личност.
We present to your attention the novelties engraved art knives 2018. Each collection knife has a high detail scene depicting animals in the wild. These custom hunting knives will be a perfect gift for any hunter or collector. Each knife is unique, made in the single specimen and engraved by hand. You can buy one of these collection knives in the online knife store of NOBLIE.
This collectible knife sold and at now is in a private collection.