Curt Ericson custom knife

January 24, 2018
Knife master: Curt Ericson. USA
The presence of cover or sheath: Sheaths
Blade material: RWL-34 steel
Handle material: bone of a mammoth.
We ordered this knife not simply so.
It is a remark of an old Californian dagger of dashing times of “gold-rush”.
The handle from a mammoth with a pleasant carving, Julia Varenski’s engraving.
Everything is very simple and beautiful.
Now this collectible knife is in private knife collection.

Curt Ericson custom knife Curt Ericson custom knife Curt Ericson custom knife Curt Ericson custom knife

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The art of manufacturing decorated edged weapons has already existed for many centuries. It absorbed rich traditions and historical experience of different nations from ancient times till the present days. Sabres and small swords, broadswords and rapiers, dirks and hunting daggers were consideres pieces off art if they were decorated with carving and engraving, gold plating and embossing, precious metals and stones. Such objects were usually intended for present, awards, diplomatic gifts and court ceremonies, where a high technical value and a rich artistic decoration were naturally combined. This unique art resched its full flowering in the first part of the 19th century, but by the beginning of the next century the tradition to create such kind of weapon has interrupted and, as it seemed, forever.
Have you ever wondered why, having become the owner of a subtle author's work, you can spend hours admiring lines and contours, weigh a knife on your arm, try on with different grabs and this desire to “play” with a blade does not pass with time? It is simple: you have become the owner of the custom knife, product that carries a piece of a soul of a knifemaker.
Can it be argued that there is a right way to getting a custom knife, without overspending time and money? If you always dreamed of having a customknife, but could not make up your mind to buying it, this article is definitely for you.