Custom knife collection

December 1, 2017
Knife statuette “Unity” The rider and the horse, connected in one a strong warrior unity. Running forward and protecting the conquered, as the main quality of the leader, is represented in an artistic sculpture. The blade of the knife is forged of multilayer Japanese steel. Handle in form horses head is casted from Italian bronze and then silver coated. Italian marble pedestal. Custom knife collection Statuette “The bright” The hidden power in a fragile figure of young woman. The statuette is cast in Italian bronze and then silver coated. Detailed depiction of the face, hair, dress, sleeves, hands, and boots. Custom knife collection Custom knife collection Knife “Rock snake” The knife is in the form of the respectful figure of a snake that can be a real menace to the rivals and the careless. Blade of wootz steel with specific pattern. The grip of ebony with embedded nephrite gemstone. The guard and pommel are brass casted and silver coated. The pommel represents a head of a rock snake. The guard is formed as the tail of the snake. Custom knife collection Knife set “Eastern mystery” Artistic set of a scepter with embedded knife, chain loop and locket. Various Eastern symbols and wishes that are believed to give to the holder the power, wealth, luck and wisdom. The wand is divided on the scabbard and knife. The scabbard is decorated with pictures of mythological creatures. One of them, The Chinese lion Pixiu, is an influential and auspicious totem for the wealth. The other one, The Chinese Dragon, is symbolic of being lucky, propitious, powerful, and noble. The Four elements of the nature’s power — The Earth, The Sky, The Sea and The Fire are illustrated on one side of the locket. On the other side is engraved lotus flower, which, according the Eastern mythology, is the symbol of pure mind. The chain loop, linking the wand and the locket, represents the connection between the natural, spiritual and materials elements of the world. Custom knife collection
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Quality is guaranteed by blades made of carbon or stainless steel. Each blade type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Carbon steel blade rusts and therefore require special processing. Regular use is the best way to keep the blade from rusting, but you can also coat the blade with solution.
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