Custom knife shop

November 2, 2017

Welcome to the ART KNIFE GALLERY of NOBLIE Collectibles in Hotel Marinela: 1407, Bulgaria, Sofia, 100 James Bourchier Boulevard, phone: +359 879 699 350

In the new custom knife shop NOBLIE you can buy handmade custom knives from our collection.

In the custom knife gallery there are about 100 collectible gift items.

Custom knife shop Custom knife shop Custom knife shop Custom knife shop Custom knife shop  Custom knife shop

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The profile of the blade, set during its manufacture, is one of the main parameters that determine the functionality and convenience of the knife. To choose or properly sharpen a knife, you will need to know what type of cross-section the blade has.
Jambiya is a representative of Eastern culture. These daggers are a family heirloom in the countries of the East, and some ancient samples are more than 100 years old.
This custom knife sold and at now is in a private collection.