Custom knife collection

July 17, 2018
Many people already have heard of so called custom knives. For this, it is not necessary to be a sophisticated collector and connoisseur of rare knife brands. However even specialists sometimes have difficulties regarding what is relevant to this concept. Exclusive knives? Limited collections? Author's copies? Let's try to figure this out. So what means the word "custom" that is applied to the knife? Custom-made – made according to the specifications of an individual. Does that mean that a custom knife is a knife made on an individual order, that is, for a specific consumer? Yes and no. The truth is that to custom knives, as a rule, attribute limited editions that are made in accordance with the needs of a certain group. However, this criterion is far from the only one. Custom knives also include knives for the creation of which was used manual labor (not only for satinizing but also in the whole process of knifemaking). But that's not all. Very often custom knives are also called "author's knives". Why? Is it true that any knife made by hand by some master becomes custom knife automatically? Actually, that's not entirely true. The truth is, as usual, somewhere near. The knives are considered custom knives that to be created by the hand of a master who is recognized in certain circles and has authority. This criterion is actually the most controversial. Sometimes it may not be an individual but a whole company where the masters work in cooperation. The decisive importance is the reputation, high quality of the product and materials, as well as the sum of the previous factors. So, let’s summarize. The definition of "custom knife" implies: 1) The knife is characterized by a specific set of properties (including design) because it is designed for a special audience and terms of use. 2) The knife is released within the limited series (from 1-2 to several hundred copies). 3) The knife is made with the participation of an outstanding master in this field or a team of craftsmen whose name is in itself a brand. 4) In creating a knife, most of the operations are done by hand. 5) The knife has premium characteristics in terms of materials and manufacturing quality. Most often custom knives include well-known American and European brands. As it becomes clear, custom knives are very similar to copyright and gift, except that, they are more utilitarian.
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