Custom knives 2019

January 25, 2019
Have you ever wondered why, having become the owner of a subtle author's work, you can spend hours admiring lines and contours, weigh a knife on your arm, try on with different grabs and this desire to “play” with a blade does not pass with time? It is simple: you have become the owner of the custom knife, product that carries a piece of a soul of a knifemaker. No wonder that artisans’ knives, swords and sabers always had names like people. So what is custom knives and what works can be attributed to the section of custom knives? Custom knives is a concept that combines several directions. Firstly, custom knives are called author knives, products created by eminent masters who put their own concept of the beauty and power of the blade, their taste and vision into the knife. Making knives requires maximum efficiency, talent, perseverance. The result and recognition of the master come only over the years and not to all novice knifemakers. This is another, not always pleasant side of knifemaker. If the knifemaker has no talent, his work even after decades, with accumulated experience and acquired skill will not become the artist's masterpieces from knifemaker, but only the sturdy tools of the artisan. Therefore, handmade knives recognized masters are valued so highly. Author's knives are individuality and, if you like, uniqueness. All handmade products have personality traits, at the same time they are knives with guaranteed high quality. Masters devote a lot of time to finding the optimal combination of steel and handle materials, blade shape, type of scabbard; they pay attention to every detail. And the final result becomes the object of attention of collectors and fans of edged weapons. Secondly, limited editions are part of the custom knives segment. These knives are different from the usual, serial models of high quality, special decoration, equipment and a unique number. Limited editions can range from a few thousand to as few as three to five instance of knives. Moreover, the smaller their number in the series, the higher the value of a custom knife. Custom knives is the decoration of any knife collection, the pride of the owner and high value. Over the years, knives, released a limited series and in particular, the author's works only become more expensive. Therefore, collecting custom knives is also a kind of successful investment. Online knife store presents its customers a new section of the store: custom knives from the best knifemakers of Europe. Damascus knives are the blades of the world's best Damascus steels, the opportunity to join the world of high-quality hunting knives. Exclusive knives are the unique works with pronounced personality nuances of the author. NOBLIE regularly participates in European knife exhibitions and has its own Art Knife Gallery in Sofia. Author's engraved knives are amazing powerful cutting tools of amazing “brutal” and at the same time minimalistic design. Each knife has hand engraved ornament. Each instance of such the knife is a real treasure for a collector. You can buy custom knives online: Custom knives 2019Custom knives 2019Custom knives 2019Custom knives 2019Custom knives 2019Custom knives 2019Custom knives 2019  
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