Custom knives. Choose a gift to a man

August 21, 2018
Since ancient times, edged weapons have been enveloped in mystery and strength. Warriors always wore weapons, knives often used in household affairs. There is something beautiful in this elegant form and brilliance of steel. To give the blades to a man is to recognize his strength and valor. What knife to gift a man? There are several options for knives, which can be determined by the style of life of a man. It can be a tourist knife that is convenient for hiking, traveling or unforeseen situations. Alternatively, maybe a gift knife, which for the most part has an aesthetic value, or be most applicable in everyday life. Which knife to gift a hunter? The choice of weather conditions is not always on our side, so the handle of the knife should be made of a warm material, iron or plastic will wrong for this. Ideal will be a handle of leather or similar material. Better to use a knife without a volumetric guard, cutting the carcass of booty it will cause less trouble. When choosing a knife for a hunter, we recommend choosing knives from hard steel, harder than the standards for a classic tourist knife. We advise you to pay attention to Damascus steel, it is strong enough and does not crumble when cutting bones. The hardness of a suitable knife starts with 58 HRC, the width of the blade is from three to 4 cm and the length of the knife is 10-14 cm. Nowadays, it will not be difficult to find a decorated hunting knife. For example, with the engraving of scene of a hunting or animal, in this way the knife with this addition acquires a souvenir value. Choosing a gift for a hunter, you should think about the experience, how much he is passionate about it. To beginner hunter will suit the longest knife. A shorter knife is better for a professional. What knife to present to the traveler? Here we will consider the criteria for an ideal knife for a lover of active recreation. What could be better in the wild than a reliable knife at hand? Such the knife may be needed for hunting, building traps, for cutting, shredding and whittling all that pleases, branches, ropes, slings. It is possible to continue very for a long time the list of such examples. Selecting the right knife is very important, so you have to be very careful when choosing a knife. Fixed blade - the knife must be reliable, durable. After all, poor operating conditions are possible. That is why we will not be suitable a folding knife, which, by its convenience, can become a spare option. The main option is to give preference to the all-metal knife, this will give your knife extra reliability. Simple sharpening - a tourist knife should have a smooth blade. Thick blade - reliability above all. A knife with a thin blade is easy to break, so it is worth giving preference to a blade with drop-point, with a gradual decrease in thickness of the butt to the point. The size of the blade - the knife should be made of hard metal and medium thickness to withstand heavy loads and easy to use in petty work. Acceptable blade thickness is 3-4 cm. The length of the blade is 10-12 cm. The handle should be from a reliable material and it is convenient to lie at the hand. What knife to gift to the head? A gift knife, for example with gilded, is perfect for a status man. It looks very impressive and skillful. No boss will remain indifferent after such the gift. Choosing a knife as a gift for a man, find out all his preferences, what does him like? After all, the efficiency of the knife will depend on this. You can contact the seller on our website and he will help you make your choice. ART KNIFE GALLERY Buy online custom knives and art knives Custom knives Custom art knivesart knife Custom damascus  knife art kniveshandmade knife handmade art knife handmade art knives
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