Custom made damascus blade

December 3, 2017

Knife “Velocity. Hunting with cheetah”
Start up and fast growing movement. The natural instinct to outrun the rivals or enemies. Damascus steel blade. Engraved and gilded depiction of running cheetah on the scabbard. Ebony handle. Brass casted and silver-coated guard with inlaid zirconia gems. Detailed casted and silver-coated figure of gazelle ends the grip.

Dagger “The glory of caucasus”
Typical Caucasian art knife that reveals the character of tough and proud highlanders. Produced by traditional methods of metalwork and decoration: forging, silver stamping, metal processing, bone carving, gilding, jewelry work.

Custom made damascus blade Custom made damascus blade Custom made damascus blade Custom made damascus blade Custom made damascus blade

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This collection art knife will be a unique gift to a connoisseur of edged weapons, knife collector or hunter. This knife is made in a single copy and has a high cost.