Dagger “Genghis Khan”

August 8, 2017

Dagger “Genghis Khan”

The damascus dagger embodies the traditions of the era of the founder of the largest continental empire in history – Genghis Khan.

The pommel is made in the form of a soldier’s helmet of the army of the Mongolian Empire. Walnut is the material from which the handle is made. Its base is decorated with fur of a steppe fox. Blade is atmosphere resistance damascus steel.

Scabbard is all-metal. In the center there are an image of the portrait of Genghis Khan (collective image), and the attributes of the soldiers of the Mongolian Army – clan flag with a picture of a gray gyrfalcon (blessed bird of the Mongols). The scabbard are decorated with leather insets, imitating the armor of soldiers – the armor (chain armor) is made of thick leather and connected together by straps, on which metal plates are laid.

On the scabbard is inscribed the inscription Genghis Khan.

Dagger “Genghis Khan” Dagger “Genghis Khan” Dagger “Genghis Khan”

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